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  • Most of my interactions with faith-based homeschoolers have been positive

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  • Most of my interactions with faith-based homeschoolers have been negative

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  • I've had a mixture of both postive and negative interactions with faith-based homeschoolers

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    Default What is your general impression of faith-based homeschoolers?

    Since the current statistics show that the percentage of homeschoolers who are faith based is in the high double-digits, we have probably all rubbed shoulders with at least a few of them. So weigh in on the poll below and let us know your overall feeling about those in the homeschool majority, then feel free to discuss your vote below!

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    Most of my encounters have been positive. I almost voted that they were a mixture, but when I really looked at the maybe 1 or 2 times that the negative occurred, the positives have FAR outweighed those. I think those were special circumstances, so I just didn't count them I am in NC, and I think with the diversity of the area, and the fairly large homeschool base here in the area, there is enough of a mix that the negatives just aren't there
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    I lead a very small homeschooling group where everyone is welcome as long as they agree to not discuss religion or politics. As a result, we are pretty diverse when it comes to the religious aspect (not sure about the other!) but we all seem to get along just fine. I have found, however, that outside of those parameters, faith-based homeschoolers will want nothing to do with me or my kid once they find out that I'm atheist, or will be obnoxious about it, even though I'm really not the militant type. It makes me leary to approach any of the local homeschoolers around here because I don't like drama so I'd rather stay by myself or with the people I already know.

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    I've found that my interaction with faith-based homeschoolers has been pretty even - I've had some experiences that have been very positive and some that have been extremely negative. Coming from a fairly small town that has 3 church based homeschool co-ops and little in the way of secular or all-inclusive support it is easy to feel left out. For the most part I would say they tend to ignore our existence.


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    Where I live it is very "bible-belt-ish"...So I get a lot of how my child will grow to be a horrid person devoid of morals. I never got that one, have to be Christen to be moral? I must have missed that class... It's very hard to find a secular group here in my town, and the only one I knew of was 45 minutes away. So I started one and we are a very diverse group. Religion actually rarely comes up and so far--everyone has been very open-minded. Like Snoopy, I find the faith based groups want nothing to do with us or my group, even tho we open our field trips up many time to other groups. HEY! We are all home schoolers, the more the merrier!

    Some faith based home schoolers and i have gotten along just fine. I just bite my tongue on certain things, but nothing that would hurt my kids... Sadly, in this town, you find a church on every corner and everyone assumes you are Christen... (I'm eclectic...i take from various beliefs and have our well for us)

    I find it sad that most faith based home schoolers I encounter are very closed minded that there is any other way of life than thier own...They could be right about what they believe, so could I, or Snoopy, or Topsy, or CroppinMom or anyone else! No-one really knows until you die--and then, it's a bit too late...
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    I avoid anything which is clearly faith-based, so the faith-based homeschoolers I run in to are all at inclusive venues. We keep the conversations away from religion most of the time. In fact, I have so many unschooler freinds, we cant really talk about curriculum, either, which leaves me not feeling very supported in person . . .which i why I do more socailizing on line. People who dont agree, can just delete.

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    Other than online, I don't have much contact with other homeschoolers since we just started homeschooling not too long ago. We are part of a homeschool group, and a preschool co-op within that. The group itself is all secular/all inclusive, and so far at co-op no one has even mentioned religion. And online I can avoid religious conversations for the most part, and the only semi religious comments I've gotten on my blog have been from a few rather sweet women.

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    Default impressions on faith-based hs'ers

    I live in southern California but a rather conservative town. It's actually kind of surprising to me how many religious types there are out here. You'd think we were all granola eating, Birkenstock wearing, lefty red, vegetarian "spiritualists," but we're not. There are a few homeschoolers here in this little town and I'm the only one I know of that is a straight up atheist. Yes, I'm an atheist and I'm pretty proud of it. Actually, I'd consider myself an anti-theist, since I thnk most of the world's social and educational problems boiling down to religious convictions clouding the issues. Frankly, I can't believe the matter of whether or not there are supernatural forces at work guiding the world is a ridiculous conversation to STILL be having at this late hour of the ... hello! 21st Century, but call me crazy. ("Crazy lady!") At any rate, the one local small all inclusive group I know of here that I've been to a few times is okay; it has both atheists, right wing fundamentalists, a Mormon, and agnostic spiritual types (I always think of these ones as noncommital). We all get along okay. We don't talk religion, that's for sure, though we do hear about the Classical Connections folks studying a "Christian perspective of history" (ie. Yikes, it's revisionist!). I sometimes go to park day, that's about it. One thing I think is a bit interesting: I've found that many of the more strident Christian types tend to be more persnickety about curriculum. They fear unschooling as the mainstream public schoolers do. They need to have curriculum purchased in a box, preferably Christian that details out their own beliefs, preaching to the proverbial choir, and they are more stringent with their children learning the "standards." They want their children to perform well on standardized tests. I'm new to this whole thing but it seems like there are more "free thinkers" who are "unschooling." Has anyone else noticed this?? The other interesting point I've noticed is that in some ways, I can see how I actually have more in common with SOME of the fundamentalist types than the mainstream types, in that we both reject consumerism. They like to think they are not following the mainstream herd; I'd say that they rather have their own smaller religious herd to cling to, but who's to say I'm right about that? They could be more free thinkers than I know. My conversations with them are very friendly on the whole as long as I don't talk about how ridiculous their beliefs are.

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    Ciao all! I started homeschooling my four boy a few years ago when we moved overseas, sent my kids back to public school, and will go back to homeschooling at least 2 of them in the fall! My initial intro to homeschooling was through a Christian Homeschool Association on our base. That being said, I am a Christian Catholic, but my faith is something that I prefer to keep separate from my kids schooling (they get enough religious education at CCD, church, etc.). I've gotten very annoyed with the lack of non-Christian based curriculum, and some of the holier than thou attitudes of said curriculums.

    That being said, because of my situation-mainly where I live and being overseas with the military/government-my interaction with faith based homeschoolers has been so-so! I have more issues with their faith and their preaching it when it comes to politics. It may have absolutely NOTHING to do with them being homeschoolers, but I had a few discussions before the last election that weren't exactly nice-especially considering these people are supposed to be 'Christians.' Suffice to say, a few of these fellow Christians and I are no longer friends!

    Looking forward to any help in finding a NON faith based curriculum that will work for me and my boys! Ciao e grazie! Jamie

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    I replied that our interactions have been mostly positive. Here's what usually happens: the interactions we have in person locally have always been positive. We all recognize that we all have our own ways of going about homeschooling and our lives. However, several virtual interactions through message boards and forums have been negative. I believe that when people can "hide" behind their computer, they are more likely to rant and rave about how others are doing things incorrectly (in their view) than when they are face-to-face. Unfortunate.....

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What is your general impression of faith-based homeschoolers?