I voted negative, but feel I should explain my definition of "faith-based homeschooler". I do not consider everyone who is a Christian, or actively follows another religion, and homeschools, to be a faith-based homeschooler. In my mind I only apply that label to those homeschoolers who make their religion into the central theme of their homeschooling efforts, so that nearly every subject they teach incorporates some religious teaching....science is apologetics, history is only taught from a biblical perspective, language arts includes lots of scripture, free reading is bible stories, etc. Their homeschooling is like total immersion training in their religion for their kids. These are the people I have had negative experiences with. But I have had mostly positive experiences with people who are religious, but don't use their religion as the central theme of their entire life and homeschooling efforts, and who are happy to relate to others as a person, not a potential convert.