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    We have found 4-H clubs a good outlet for younger children to find volunteering opportunities. My kids have been doing various things (food drive sorting, cemetary clean-up...raking, etc, nursing home visits) since they were 8. Also when they were very small (toddlers), we did Meals on Wheels once a week. The senior citizens absolutely LOVED having two little urchins bring them their lunch, stop and tell them about their day, etc.

    We've always told the kids that even if you can't donate $$, you can always give a bit of time to causes that you believe in. This really hit home last year when my husband was jobless for a time and our only income was my tutoring money.


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    We donate all our old usable items to VOA. I do some volunteering with my photography, DS does quite a bit with cub scouts, but as a family, we don't really do anything. Something to think about though...

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    We do volunteer at the local SPCA almost every week, its great once you get thru the training classes (parent only about 6 hours worth) but with one under 13 we are limited to puppy matchmakers or kitty matchmakers(it works out great the boys play and I do all the cleaning up, wait it works great for the boys!) We also have a local elderly community that our homeschool group goes to at least once a month to do activities with the residents.I checked into doing meals on wheels (but my bug isn't big enough) and a soup kitchen BUT right now our local SK doesn't need anymore help from people with kiddos under 14. I also have the boys help our neighbors take their trash out and mow their lawns when they need us too. Its not really volunteering but good citizenship
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    Quote Originally Posted by BPier12 View Post
    so I suggested that he volunteer at the local Humane Society to help take care of the cats there and he really lit up so we are going to check into that soon.
    Noah would TOTALLY love this! We have 2 cats and his latest ambition in life (beyond living in a cardboard box!) is to become a "cat nanny". I fear that if I got him to volunteer doing this, he would convince me into getting more cats and trust me, 2 for me is PLENTY!

    Quote Originally Posted by amphibology29 View Post
    It was going fine until Nikko asked, "How do they make it so the animals can't have more babies?" I was sweating bullets thinking I'd just opened the door to the sex talk, but thankfully he was satisfied with a pretty simple explanation!
    LOL! I would have been sweating too! We had both our cats fixed but Noah never asked any questions about it.

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    We have a rule that once they turn 13 they have to volunteer once a week in an organization. This is great especially with teenagers, because it gives them self esteem through helping others. I find that it makes them less selfish people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angela Smither View Post
    We have a rule that once they turn 13 they have to volunteer once a week in an organization. This is great especially with teenagers, because it gives them self esteem through helping others. I find that it makes them less selfish people.
    I followed the same rule the first time around. I plan to do the same with the little ones. I attribute my older children's career choices to our volunteer work.

    My daughter is taking nursing classes, she spent tons of time volunteering at nursing homes and our local children hospital.

    My oldest son is a surgical tech in the US Navy, he also spent tons of time volunteering at the children's hospital, on beach cleanups, and teaching adults to read.

    My middle son is in the US Army, training to be a medic. He also volunteered at the children's hospital, local vet clinic and animal shelter.
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    My son's been volunteering weekly for the past year with a hippotherapist (they provide OT/PT to kids on horseback). Last fall they started giving him free weekly riding lessons, so it's now his favorite day of the week He's also active in community theatre, so my husband and I volunteer with sets, props, and hair/makeup for the productions. I also volunteer regularly and we do plenty of what we call "single serving" volunteering like donating money to charities, donating food to food banks, etc.
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    We volunteer with a program that identifies and monitors sea turtle nests from laying to hatching. Unfortunately this year includes oil spill stuff, like calling the correct people for oil in need of cleaning, oiled wildlife, etc.

    Kiddo is only 4, but has his own state issued ID card to allow him to be on the beach even during clean up, and has seen the impact of the oil spill himself. Not exactly what I wanted his first official volunteer experience to be.

    This LA Times article mentions our group

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    We used to volunteer with a local animal rescue but that opportunity ended. I am looking into opportunities to volunteer with a reptile rescue, but I think Alex has to be 14 to do it, so it might be a while.
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