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  • Our homeschooling year went pretty much as planned. I feel satisfied.

    13 44.83%
  • Our homeschooling year went better than expected! I am thrilled!

    12 41.38%
  • Our homeschooling year was disappointing. I feel discouraged.

    4 13.79%
  • Our homeschooling year was disastrous. I feel like quitting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teri View Post
    I chose better than expected.

    This past year, I had my 7 AND 9 year old doing the 9-11 level of MBTP. .
    I'm still trying to learn what all of the curriculum acronymns mean-- can you tell me what MBTP is?

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    Beth, I believe it stands for Moving Beyond The Page, a Homeschool Curriculum for Creative, Hands-On, Gifted Learners.

    I voted for: "Our homeschooling year went pretty much as planned. I feel satisfied." But that is only half right. I feel satisfied, but it didn't go anything like I had planned. I learned a lot though, and have become a lot more flexible in how I will do things next year. My son had to spend a lot more time on math than I had expected or hoped, but I think it was worth it-he was quite far behind where he should have been and struggles with math, so if he was able to get some of the basics covered better, it was worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schu00 View Post
    Thanks, Shoe!
    Homeschooling DS (13), a self-proclaimed science and theatre nerd.

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    The only option that would really fit for me would be "roller coaster" or "huge eye-opener". Our son's progress was painfully slow and very discouraging the first half of the year. The second half, he had vision issues diagnosed and did three months of vision therapy. He made great progress with that and we are finally getting somewhere. So I suppose I am very pleased with the second half. Then again, when I look at what he did accomplish in the first half, now that I know what he was struggling against, I know he had to work really, really hard to do what he did. Of course I am proud of him for that. And I'm pleased that I realized there must be a problem and found the right help for him. Academically he's not where I had thought he would be by now when we started the year, but considering the obstacles he's overcome, he's doing really well. I'm optimistic about his future progress. His optometrist moved out of state, but we are continuing with a new one. He seems to be picking up speed with his reading skills. I believe it is all going to get easier.

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    I know what you are talking about, we went thru something similar our first year and I am happy to say that going on 3+ years now that I still have all my hair and he still has his!
    It can be very frustrating but it sounds like you all are on a good path now!
    We definitively are!
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    I put "Better than expected" simply because we didn't have much of a plan! I'm happy with this homeschool year!

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