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  • Our homeschooling year went pretty much as planned. I feel satisfied.

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  • Our homeschooling year went better than expected! I am thrilled!

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  • Our homeschooling year was disappointing. I feel discouraged.

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  • Our homeschooling year was disastrous. I feel like quitting.

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    I chose better than expected.

    This past year, I had my 7 AND 9 year old doing the 9-11 level of MBTP. The curriculum is already factoring in "giftedness" in its levels and I still bumped her up two levels. I did that because she successfully did her level and Joseph's level last year and her reading level is very high.
    She did fabulously! In the beginning, I didn't have her write as much since she is younger and doesn't have as much experience in it. By then end, she was doing work comparable to Joseph. She easily read all of the novels with greater speed and equal comprehension to her brother.
    After the first semester, I was a little worried about how long it would take us, but things picked up very quickly after the new year and have gone fabulously.

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    I chose better than expected because my daughter was (and still is) very eager to learn. We will start 1st grade work in August this year. For the last two years, we slowly built on reading and math skills and took lots of field trips to museums, gardens, etc. We are currently on lesson 26 in Teach Your Child to Read and her progress is amazing to me. I figure once she can read, we can study any and everything her little heart desires I already have our curriculum together for this coming Fall and I'm currently working on lesson plans. She'll be taking dance again this year and a homeschool art class at this cute local studio. We are both very excited to start another year soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melyssa View Post
    None of those answers was adequate for me but I chose "Our homeschooling year was disappointing. I feel discouraged." mainly because I am disappointed in the gaps in time we had due or our move and settling in to a new state, and that we didn't do nearly as much during the year as we usually do. It stresses me out and I feel like we're "behind" even though logically I know she isn't truly behind academically. I am definitely NOT discouraged though. I know these feelings are only because of the upheaval we had in our lives this past year. I know it'll get better from here on out.
    Hey Melyssa, I think you had a perfectly good reason for not accomplishing everything you had set to accomplish this year. Moving to another state must be a huge deal and quite an upheaval, I would imagine.

    I see that 3 other people selected the same answer as you did, but no one else commented on why they feel this way. I encourage those folks to share their feelings here. Sometimes, just stating what you think went wrong, or that you feel discouraged for one reason or another, is the 1st step to getting the help you or your child might be needing. And sometimes you just need to hear some encouragement from other parents who have been through what you've been through and this group is perfect for this ((Hugs)) to all of you who had a disappointing year. I hope that you can get past this and get to a point where you feel more encouraged.

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    I had to really think about it before answering, but finally decided on "Better than Expected."
    Our year was kind of rocky, but we expected that. We're finally figuring out dosages for Dea, so her attitude & schoolwork are improving somewhat. She fought about Math, which we expected (she hates Math), but less than I expected. Writing isn't her favorite, or strongest, area. So, I was rather surprised when she told me she wanted to write a book for each topic she covered in Science & History. The writing started off kind of choppy & disconnected, but improved so much over the year. The last book she handed in was Water (the last topic for Earth & Space Science). Her writing style has improved so much. Plus, she correctly used the word ubiquitous in the first sentence. She still needs a little work on punctuation (can't seem to get the hang of colons & semi-colons), but the improvement so far has been fantastic. She's still a little sloppy with some of her work, but she's made more progress than I would expect for one year.
    Jay also had a great year. I wasn't expecting any problems with him & we didn't have any. He loves learning. When he asks to watch a DVD, he almost always chooses an educational one - a documentary, Mythbusters, or Magic School Bus. Plus, his Reading, Math, and penmanship have improved so much.
    So, all-in-all, I'd say our year was better than expected.

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    I am not voting as we haven't begun yet, but I just wanted to say I am encouraged by the responses. I am glad to see that most people are happy and it's for the most part going well. It really gives me more confidence that while it will likely not be perfect the work will get done, my kids will be educated (and hopefully it will be fun for them) and my family will be happy.
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    That's awesome to hear that about your daughter's writing!

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    This year went pretty much as planned. I just wish time didn't fly so quickly. There's soooo much more we'd like to do and just don't have enough time for!

    Homeschooled two kids for 11 years, now trying to pay it forward

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    Hmm, none of the above? The year definitely didn't go as planned, I wouldn't say it went better than expected, but I'm not disappointed either. Progress was made, goals were met, maybe not quite the way I planned, and with way more upheaval than I planned (does anyone plan upheaval?), but overall, I'm satisfied. Mostly, I guess, it took us way longer to find our groove this year than any other year (all 2 others), mostly because of the change to traditional schedule, but also because S tried some classes that didn't work out and it threw a wrench in our schedule, mid-year.

    That's not to say I don't have changes in mind for next year. On to bigger and better things.
    DS James, age 8

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    I need a "none of the above" option. Our year didn't go quite as planned - there were quite a few things we didn't get to, weeks where we didn't do much of anything and it's getting even worse now with the nice weather coming. But, I'm not really disappointed or discouraged. I went into this planning for last year (09-10) and this year (10-11) to be practice years. Neither of the kids I'm going to be homeschooling are school age yet. My son will be five this summer and our school's wouldn't want him for kindergarten until he's six. He can count past 100, to about 400-something by 2's, 5's and 10's; he's learning addition; he can read and spell basic CVC words; knows all kinds of stuff about the human body, plants and art (a few of the units we actually managed to do). So, I'm not at all concerned. I plan to get more structured in January 2011. Until then, we're probably going to get even worse since it looks like we'll be building a new house this summer - on the same property as our old house while we still live here (and only about 10 feet behind the existing house). Not going to be very conducive to school work. The only thing I'm really disappointed in and want to work on more is having the kids watch less television.
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    This was our first year homeschooling, and I started out really worried about everything. I think it went better than expected. This was supposed to be our test year, find out if it worked, and if it didn't there would always be Kindergarten. Well I loved it, my daughter loved it, in fact she was sad when I told her Pre-K was over. She was very happy to hear that we could keep doing school over the summer too (it will just be without the lesson manual). I'm really excited for summer, and for next year.
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