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  • We aren't required to keep any kinds of records, so we don't.

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  • We aren't required to keep records, but I still keep track of what we have studied.

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  • We keep an annual portfolio for state regulation purposes.

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  • I use a traditional lesson planner to track our progress.

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  • I use an online record-keeping software to track our progress.

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  • Other

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    Quote Originally Posted by dottieanna29 View Post
    I'm not required to keep any records (NJ) and we're not yet legal school age, but I tend to be overly organized at least on paper thanks to almost 20 years as an Executive Assistant. Considering I don't have to do any of this, it really makes me seem kind of uptight when I'm really a very laid-back person. :-D
    OMZ! Former executive assistant here too and this is why I'm also overly organized on paper (but messy IRL and I don't quite follow my overthought plans most of the time! Still I love the planning...). We're twins! lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CroppinMom View Post
    I have considered starting to use Homeschool Tracker but wasn't sure it would be worth it. The main reason I've started thinking about it would be to help me see what time we're spending on which subjects and in the future for transcripts etc. For those of you who use it - what are your thoughts on it?
    I love HT+ because all my records are in 1 system and I could pull up all kinds of reports if I wanted to. HOWEVER, it's like the Walmart of systems. There are so many features (due to all the various states' requirements), that the learning curve is quite intensive so be forewarned (same thing goes for the basic version). A lot of people get overwhelmed by it. I don't have to keep track of time spent so I don't bother but certainly, it's a feature that you can enable (on HT+, not sure of HT). I would suggest you play with HT since it's free and see how useful/labor intensive it would be for you. And remember that just because there's a field for "this type of info" does NOT mean that you have fill out everything. This advice will make your life easier

    I also love it because I plan everything in advance so now I can pull up May 15 and see all that I have planned to do on that day (and easily reschedule it if I decided to change my plans for the day), with lots of details on the resources to use, and I can pull up a report for the reading log (if I needed it for a portfolio review, for example), a report card, whatever...

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    Record keeping...HAHAHAHA...oh wait. You're serious. I abhor trying to keep track of anything online (yes, Topsy, I *can* actually see you roll your eyes as you're reading this!) I have student calendar book that has monthly 2 page calendar spreads in the front where I keep track of our schedule. There's lined and dated pages for every day of the week after the calendar pages, and - this is the important part - when I remember, I will write what he did for the day back there. We don't use any kind of traditional curriculum, no tests (unless it's quiz's that he has chosen to do for fun. No, really. For fun. Yes, he's weird! LOL) so there's not a lot of paper type things to keep. We do lots and lots of field trips and activities, most of which I blog about, and the blog has actually been the best overview of what he's done in the last two years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snoopy View Post
    OMZ! Former executive assistant here too and this is why I'm also overly organized on paper (but messy IRL and I don't quite follow my overthought plans most of the time! Still I love the planning...). We're twins! lol.
    Definite twins!! My planning definitely goes much better than my implementation. I just figure that's life with little kids - eventually it will go smoother....right???.....please tell me it will...;-)
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    New Hampshire requires an annual portfolio be kept and those records maintained for 2 years past the end of the school year. "The parent shall maintain a portfolio of records and materials relative to the home education program. The portfolio shall consist of a log which designates by title the reading materials used, and also samples of writings, worksheets, workbooks, or creative materials used or developed by the child. Such portfolio shall be preserved by the parent for 2 years from the date of the ending of the instruction."

    We are also required to have an annual evaluation, either by standardized testing or an evaluation of the portfolio. If I choose to have a portfolio evaluation, I'll need to have it more organized than if I choose standardized testing, but there is no specific format required. I've been using Microsoft Word files primarily to organize things (including a calender) but am thinking about using something like Homeschool Tracker for next year.
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    I'm not sure how I will go about keeping records. Here we are required to keep a plan book or other record of subjects taught and activities; a portfolio of the child’s work; and a semiannual progress report.
    We also have three options to homeschool under, which I will choose option 3. This requires me to join an accountability group. Since I am not yet sure which one I will join, I am not sure what 'they' will require me to keep or send in.

    If I plan out our school year in a plan book, I will have that as record of subjects and activities, but not sure how to go about the portfolio (may just keep tests/quizzes and some pictures from projects in there). As for the progress report, I might use a school type report card for that.

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    I am on Team Nathalie for this one, I am anal about organization (former admin assistant to several bosses who'd lose their head if it weren't for me). I have a weekly planner that I will be using to record the amount of time he spends on each activity with a master list that is the starting point for us to follow (mainly on the subject/day) and I will also be recording what exactly he worked on that day. For example (SAWK-1/4 would be Saxon Assessment Work Sheet pages 1 thru 4.....did I mention I'm acryonm happy as well?). But I already have the years worksheets and lesson plans divided out into weekly packets and stored in monthly slots of a file folder. I have them separated out by subject so that if we begin to move ahead, I can just grab the following weeks packet on the fly. As we go through the packets, I will be taking those, scanning them in then moving them to the 'previous year binder' that's separated out by month (I plan on keeping a hard copy of the previous year always on file). As I'm doing this, I will also be noting what he is doing, my assessment of how he's doing and notating what I need to focus on as we go along. I plan on incorporating HT in since it basically does all this too and I like the idea of printing out reports (yes, report happy too).

    What'll hopefully happen is that we'll be able to compare where he is to where his counterparts are in school acurately and also, we will have super acurate reports should we ever need to move, go back to p.s., or whatever could come in between. I warned y'all that I'm bad!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dottieanna29 View Post
    Definite twins!! My planning definitely goes much better than my implementation. I just figure that's life with little kids - eventually it will go smoother....right???.....please tell me it will...;-)
    OK, sure..... lol.

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    I keep all of the things he has done in a folder together. Now that we are gearing up to start kindergarten in a couple of months I'm trying to get better about posting what he has done on our blog.
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    Umm, yeah, o.k. Slinking quietly out the back of this thread.
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