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  • My kid(s) aren't interested in participating in organized athletics.

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  • My kid(s) participate in athletics via our local public school system.

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  • My kid(s) participate in athletics via our local community recreation program.

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  • My kid(s) participate in athletics via our local homeschool group.

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    Default Weekly Poll: How involved are your kids in local athletics?

    Let's talk athletics this week. This is a subject I basically have to sit out on because neither of my two geeklings are interested in athletics in the least. But hopefully, I'm a minority! How much involvement do your kids have with local athletic groups/teams/programs?

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    Zack could not care less about any organized sports. We've tried and tried to find a sport that would interest him, especially since sports is the overriding culture for young kids in our small town. If you're not on a team of some sort, you're missing out on 95% of the socialization that goes on. When we explained soccer to Zack, he gave us a patient look and said, "You mean I have to stand out in the hot sun and chase a ball around with a bunch of screaming kids and I might get kicked in the leg? No thanks." His response was similar for T-ball and baseball ("I have to hit a ball and then run around and people are yelling at me? And then what?") Luckily he likes to do yoga and tai chi with me and he likes to go for long hikes at a nearby nature reserve with his dad, so he's physically active. I'd like to get him enrolled in tae kwon do again, because he did enjoy that, and I've explored having him attend P.E. at the local public school, but he has some motor delays so that may cause more problems than it solves. I'm really looking forward to reading the other replies!

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    We do 4-H and Lego-League.

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    I answered "other". Does "athletics" cover any physical activity? That's the way I understood it. We use various resources for what I call "P.E." on my records. Noah doesn't like any team sports, not even to watch, to his dad's great despair. So here is what we do for P.E.:
    • Noah attends a weekly 1 hour P.E. class for homeschoolers at the local gym. It's not put together by our community (as in a city's recreational department), but by a for-profit gym. I registered him mostly for the socialization, not so much for the athletics, but he loves both components and it gives me a much needed hour by myself!
    • He has also started weekly group lessons in horseback riding with other homeschoolers. It's not put together by my homeschool group, it's just a homeschooling mom with a side business offering homeschoolers a discount if we do group lessons before p.s. kids are out of school. We actually haven't met the other homeschoolers in the lesson yet because last week they cancelled so he got a private lesson instead, woohoo and today the teacher cancelled because of car problems.
    • We also go to the playground almost every day for 30 min to 1 hour. Once a week we try to meet with another member of my group for a 90 min park date, and then once a month we have a park date with another group and we're there for about 3 hours.
    • Apart from that, he sometimes gets personalized training from his big brother (around Presidential Fitness Award time, for which he's being tested next week at P.E.... and we forgot to train this year!) and he goes to play basketball or racquetball with his dad once in a while.
    • When I'm on a health kick (every other month, it seems), he rides his bike on the trail while I walk, about 45 min a day.
    • Over the winter months we went iceskating for a couple of hours once a month.
    • I take Noah to the rollerskating rink once a month for about 3 hours.
    • Now that the weather is warming up, we are trying to organize bi-weekly swimming play dates at my friend's house since her subdivision has a pool and we don't. I might also either register Noah in a Summer Swim League (3 nights a week for 6 weeks) or buy local water park passes. I think it's important that kids learn to swim, especially in Florida, because we have so many pools and yet so many kids drown each year.
    • Lastly, we try to go orienteering once a month and visit the local bounce house every other month or so.
    • (does pushing the cart while mom shops for hours count? we do a lot of that too! lol)

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    Since Logan has been in kindergarten in school, we don't have time for organized athletics beyond the run and play stuff he'll do with his friends on weekends. We're hoping to get him started up if not in the summer then in the fall with some organized sport. Over the summer I plan on working with him to build up his endurance since he doesn't get the exercise he needs in school.

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    I chose "My kid(s) participate in athletics via our local community recreation program". My son takes Tae Kwon Do classes 3 days a week at the Youth Center on base. He really enjoys it - the memorization, the discipline, and of course the accomplishment of getting a new belt when he tests! (In fact, he's wearing his ceremonial uniform in my avatar picture.)
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    Neither of my kids are showing any interest in sports atm. In the past (before homeschooling, tho) my 14 yo was in the specail needs baseball league through our local little league (community based), my 6 yo tried soccer through the YMCA. There are home school gym classes, but most of them are either distinctly christain (time allowed for prayer during the pe class), or pricey, or far away. My kids really dont like the stuff. We do try to take a walk every day and go to 2 park-days each week. I'm supposed to be making them do Wii ft, too, but it hasnt happenned.
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    My daughter isn't interested in team sports and never really has been. She's tried t-ball and basketball in the past with little enthusiasm. Also soccer but that only lasted two meetings and she wanted to quit. She likes to play things like that for fun but not on a team. She plays team games at a weekly gym class for homeschoolers and really does enjoy that.

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    My son takes weekly gym class with other homeschoolers (there's about 20 of them I'd say) and he would love to add another day if they offered it. We aren't interested in organized team sports at all. We live and breathe Pokemon, that's almost equal to being a soccer mom!

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    Neither of my kids are at all interested in team sports. My son played baseball for a season, and didn't enjoy it at all. Both my kids have been in Tae Kwon Do classes and like that well enough. My daughter also used to take dance classes, but some bad experiences with a few other students led her to give that up. My son and I were doing the P90X program this year to stay fit-he loved it-and I plan to use it for all three of us next year as well. My children do stay active, playing outside, frequent walks, hiking with me, and cycling quite a bit in the summer. In the winter, we are a lot less active, except for the P90X.
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Weekly Poll: How involved are your kids in local athletics?