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  • My kid(s) aren't interested in participating in organized athletics.

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  • My kid(s) participate in athletics via our local public school system.

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  • My kid(s) participate in athletics via our local community recreation program.

    13 31.71%
  • My kid(s) participate in athletics via our local homeschool group.

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  • Other

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    I voted other. My kids don't have any interest in team sports which I am secretly pleased about because I hate the over-competitiveness and the huge time commitment. We do do a lot of physical activity though. We have been heavily involved in Volkswalking so we usually do a 10k or more walk on the weekend. My boys take swimming and my younger son has expressed an interest in tennis. We do a lot of hiking as well and in general just like spending time out of doors.

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    I had never heard of "Volkswalking" before, but it sounds like an interesting idea and interesting. I'm as pleased as you that my kids aren't interested in team sports.
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    Volkswalking is really the perfect family activity for us because it is something that we can all do together. We like to do more serious hiking in the summer but it seems like that's harder to do in the winter so Volkswalking gets us out of the house and active in the winter months. Nice to know that someone else isn't keen on team sports- everyone I know IRL is really heavily into them so that and the fact that we're also secular homeschoolers really makes us a bit "freakish". LOL!

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    My girls are on a recreational volleyball team and all three dance with an Alpine dance group.

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    Teri - I've never heard of Alpine dancing! It sounds interesting - is it a Swiss folk dance tradition?

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    Default Does this count?

    I voted other because my children are in a mixture of activities. My daughter dances alot. I mean 4 days a week. She takes every type of dance. So I consider that athletic. My son was a competitive swimmer until recently. But the attitude of some of the other swimmers began to turn him off. He got interested in dance, since he was at the studio so much with his sister and now is taking classes and loves it. He wants to give soccer a try again in the fall.

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    My DD does swimming lessons through the local swim club, tae kwon do through the local business, and soccer and t-ball through the ymca. Not all at the same time.

    Edited to add: In MN we are allowed to do sports through the public school and there are some options through the homeschooling groups if you don't mind playing in the Christian league.

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    I voted other. Our 7 yo DS is in a private Little League organization for baseball - it's not associated with school, churches, the park district, or anything. He is also interested in soccer and I may have him try the park district's fall soccer program later this year.
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