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    Default Weekly Poll: Has your school year started yet?

    So, we are getting our weekly poll started back up and going to start it with an easy one!!
    Has your new school year started yet?

    Some school year round, some follow the public school year, some unschool, some just wing it!
    Which one are you?

    We always started at the beginning of August and school through mid-June! That gives us about 6 weeks off in Summer for family vacation, a little break, the boys to head to the grandparents and so on.
    We take a decent break during the holidays, a week in November and a couple weeks in December.
    Then a week in Spring.
    We also only school 4 days a week, using the 5th day for field trips and family fun.

    It took us about 2 years to figure out what worked for us!

    So, that being said.
    Have you started your school year yet??
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    We only have one year under our belt I guess some would call us year round... I call it "wing it". This fist year we just went out of our way to take trip/breaks when others were still in school. We did our fall break when Nana came out for Halloween. Winter break didn't start until Dec 23 so we had more time in Jan off. Spring break was the week of May 1st (perfect week because college kids were still in school as well). We also kept going through this VERY hot July. We JUST stopped July 21st. I told the school district we would start on Aug 10th... BUUUTTT we will see

    *Edit to add we did a 4 day school week (except for math.. that was 5)... NEXT year I plan to do 5 day school week
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    I'm no longer homeschooling my own kids, but I offer high school math classes to other homeschoolers. We will start the Wednesday after Labor Day.

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    Um, we're not quite done with last year yet.

    We'll have a break to see the eclipse and then have our early September vacation. Then we'll start back at the end of September.
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    I have, but the kids haven't I'm off to the curriculum library to pick up a few books and they are still deschooling a bit from our online K program. After my mother and grandmother visit next week we will start up gradually.

    Our summer reading has been from the BYL Kindergarten list and the Magic Tree House series so I think we will start with some BYL projects and some easy unit studies. Then slowly add in Logic of English and Singapore Math and eventually some REAL science.

    Our once a week enrichment day starts 8/21 but I'm going for a more year round schedule with shorter days and Fridays off.

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    My science classes stop over science but DS17 is still working on Calculus class from last year and DS14 has been doing movie making camps and just got a full length student (college) film to score so he's working hard. Science classes will start up end of August after the eclipse. I'm actually doing 3 eclipse classes for local homeschoolers next week. A lot of them are traveling up north for totality but I can't imagine the traffic hassles and DS17 has a college class the next day which pretty much rules out driving anywhere anyway.
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    I picked sort of. We have been working on finishing up math from last year. And although I am pretty sure about co-op, I am still on the fence about all the core classes being taken there. So I am still researching. I dunno!
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    We just finished math last week. This week DS is in camp. I was planning on taking August off and starting back up after Labor Day.

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    We are still wrapping up a few things from the current school year. DD14 is taking forever finishing her history class....and it's for a high school credit. If it was science, she would have finished months ago! Plus the girls are taking a few other classes over the summer - nothing too heavy. We officially kick off the school year on August 21 when their online math classes start with Mr. D Math. We'll put in two weeks, enjoy the Labor Day weekend at the beach and then back at it full time until a long weekend vacation in early November.

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    We go from August to June 1st and then still do math and read throughout the summer. We will probably start back up any day now.
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Weekly Poll: Has your school year started yet?