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    Default Weekly Poll: Do you have a large homeschool community where you live?

    We don't. Matter of fact, I don't know any other homeschoolers in my city. We've been here about two years. Previously, we lived in an area that had quite a few.

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    The public schools in Hawaii are less than adequate and there is also a large military population on Oahu and these factors seem to increase the number of homeschoolers. I am involved in a secular homeschool group of FB and then also a military group (many of the members are not secular, but the focus of the group is secular as it is bringing all kinds of people together for field trips etc. I haven't been shunned nor has anyone prostelyzed me so I'm good with that.
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    We live in a very rural area. The school district we live has a prek-2 primary, 3- 5 intermediate, 6- 8 middle and a high school. That's it, one of each. The northern part of the county is another school district but they have one campus for prek through 12th. The only private school within a two hour drive is a very small, very Christian school. School choice is a freaking joke around here. Pretty much, if you don't like the public school, you homeschool so there is a decent size homeschool community but the local homeschool group is unabashedly Christian. The nearest secular or open groups are 1.5 hours away. Luckily I don't mind homeschooling without a group. Even when we did have a homeschool group we didn't participate much, mainly just field trips and the occasional park day.

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    Voted other. We do have a large homeschooling community, but the majority is very religious. Our secular group has shrunk over the years. People have moved away, aged out, or are just quieter on our community homeschool groups due to the overwhelmingly non-inclusive religious tone that has grown over the last few years. There has alway been a large religious component to our homeschooling community, but when we first started homeschooling it was much more inclusive feeling, our common ground was homeschooling. Now we are loners, struggling to find fellow open minded homeschoolers.
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    It's a cross between an elephant and a rhinoceros.*

    I went "no mail" on Yahoo when two women started sniping each other about some mommy wars issue or another a few years ago. By the time I changed my preferences back to "daily digest only" they had abandoned yahoo and moved to faceborg and < sarcasm > I think I brokeded my eye pad because I can't get the faceborg app to install and the smart young man at the eye pad store told me the damage is irreparable and not covered by warranty < /sarcasm >

    My kid plays on MMORPGs instead of the swings and monkey bars just like your kids do, they're just different MMORPGs. His best friend lives on the other side of the planet and his second-best friend lives in a country that I, as s citizen of a first world country that sometimes does mean things I don't personally approve of, would not feel safe visiting even if I could afford to which I can't.

    Change is hard. Parenting is hard. Aging is hard.

    Much as I would love to sit under a tree and share the contents of my picnic basket and shoot the breeze with y'all, that train has already left the station.

    *For those of you who don't know what you get when you cross an elephant with a rhinoceros: elephino (hell if I know)
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    We live in NYC and just like everything else - it is here, but the real question is if you can find it and when you do can you afford it?

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Weekly Poll: Do you have a large homeschool community where you live?