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    Default Weekly Poll: Do you use an online curriculum?

    We are very eclectic. We use a little of this and a little of that. Some of our curricula choices are online.

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    It depends on what would be considered an online curriculum. BrainPop or something like that? We use BrainPop a lot for the videos, but I don't use the other resources as much.

    We don't use anything else that could arguably be a curriculum.

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    Depends on what you call "online" or "curriculum."

    In the past, I've used...
    Crash Course
    Khan Academy
    Sheppard Software

    And various other online resources as part of what we were doing. At the moment, we have a Great Courses subscription and BalletBoy is working through his second course.

    I've never used something like T4L or Teaching Textbooks or the like, which would be very obviously "online learning." We also have only ever done MOOC's, not any enrolled courses like through Outschool or Online G3 or things like that.
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    We use an immersion Spanish program that requires an online connection. And, we'll watch youtube for some concepts sometimes.
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    We are a some family-never used an all-inclusive online curriculum.

    Both tried an online IU High school course (blah), and ds completed a year long online AP Computer Science course (better).

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    I've used online sources to help reinforce what we are learning, but not full curriculum. That might change as they get older.
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    We use online resources as supplements or components, but online curriculum seems.... not the best of what homeschooling offers. If I wanted to be tied to someone elses schedule, or to expect my kid to learn without human interaction, or to go at someone else's pace.... well I wouldnt be me.

    We tried t4l for a few months last year, and all it did was convince me that online curriculums were a complete waste of time and didnt teach a single thing other than how to game the systems. The amount of oversight and supplementation I had to do.... it made homeschooling even less fun than wih the problems we had been having before. (And look at the content and depth the program (doesnt) cover!)

    That said, Ive successfully taken online courses from the community college... but they were subjects I was highly motivated to learn about, and I wasnt shy about approaching the prof.
    A motivated adult in her 30s is quite a bit different than an adolescent or teen, though.
    To parents who think they can plop their kid in front of a computer and have them receive a quality education - its a nice dream and scapegoat, but Im doubtful.
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    Yeah, I think all us "other" choosers are saying "I use online resources as a part of our program, but not as the program."
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    Hello! I thought I'd throw in my point of view as an independent homeschool online teacher. I've been teaching live online math enrichment and science classes to homeschoolers since 2011.

    When I began my program for homeschoolers back in 2010, it was actually an in-person program on a heavenly 112 acres of rural wooded land in Maryland. I ran the program successfully serving 16 homeschoolers for a year. Long story short, I would have kept going with that program until death parted us, but, I couldn't continue it as the land was attached to a residential community. It was just too complicated navigating that. While I was running my in-person program, I learned about online teaching and morphed into an online homeschool math enrichment and science teacher.

    When I first began teaching online, I was gung ho and offered like 9 nature-based classes a week! I did actually have a few students that mainly did my courses for their homeschool year. But, most used them as supplements. What I found was, my relaxed teaching style gelled well with the relaxed secular eclectic homeschoolers. But, that the eclectics are just that. They want a little of this and little of that. I found my best selling classes to be classes that are supplementary to whatever the eclectics are doing. I did, however recently, have a rare request from a parent asking me to "take over" her science curriculum so she didn't have to think about it for the rest of the year. LOL. I thought that was unusual.

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    My sons used Derek Owens calculus class this year and liked it. You watch the videos on your own time and can take as long as you want to finish the course and still only pay a certain amount. We used brainpop and crashcourse... oh yeah, younger son did a master class but its also primarily watching videos. Used Aleks math a long time ago and keep thinking about going back to that for younger son (14) because doing math with him is like pulling teeth.
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Weekly Poll: Do you use an online curriculum?