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    We've got two dogs and one cat.

    An eight-year-old female mini dachshund/Jack Russell mix, and a two-year-old mini dachshund/miniature pinscher mix. We've had each since they were about three months old. The minpin acts more like a chihuahua. The terrier seems ageless and obsesses over racing and fetching.

    A two-year-old Siamese mix, rescued as a semi-feral from a friend's neighborhood this summer. He's allowed out because we already had a dog flap, but he adores finally having a stable home indoors, and mostly he's a big floppy homebody.

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    We have one pit bull mix a little less than a year old. We just added a new addition...our son's hamster, Chippy. I'm pretty sure that's our limit.

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    In our house, we have a black cat named Jade, a grey tabby named Blue, an Australian Cattle Dog (Scrappy), a guinea pig (Skitter), a 6' Colombian Red Tail Boa (Violet), two racing homer pigeons (Pidge and Pidgette), a salamander, a baby praying mantis and 3 box turtles.

    Outside on the farm, we have five part-feinting goats (Leon, Madge, Candy, Cookie and Eleanor), two llamas (Colleen and Bucky), five peafowl, 15 guinea fowl and 35+ chickens (some have names, some don't. We don't eat any of them, just their eggs).

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    4 cats and a Great Dane. The Marmalade family does nothing small.
    Our style is mostly eclectic, child-led and extremely relaxed.
    Curriculum varies year by year and day by day.

    Girls: 17, 15, 2
    Boys: 12, 10, 4

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    We are down to one dog. At one point (before kids) we had two dogs, two cats, and two birds. We gave the birds away and everyone else has died off one by one. This dog is next. I'm looking for a smaller, better trained adult dog to replace him. Is that terrible? DS wants a cat. Almost 6 and already he knows he's a cat person. Ha.
    I'm a work-at-home mom to three, homeschool enthusiast, and avid planner fueled by lattes and Florida sunshine. My oldest is 6 and is a fircond grader (that's somewhere between first and second, naturally), my preschooler just told me she wants to learn how to read, and my toddler is a force of nature.

    I gather all kinds of secular homeschool resources and share them at

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    We have two cats, we've had them for under a year and they both just hit one. They were from two different litters and are about a month apart in age. One is a short hair calico, and the other is a long hair gray polydactyl. Teemie named Elsa when we were first thinking of just getting one cat, but then we were told kittens behave better if they have a friend. So we went looking for a Anna. We have our quiet but opinionated Queen, and our talkative princess. The names really fit too.
    Teemie - 11 years old, 6th grade with an ecclectic mix

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    We had two cats until recently. Rumpelteazer (Rumpie for short) had to be put down recently because of health problems. She was nine.

    Our other cat, Zippy, is a couple of years old and not very cuddly. When we move into our new house we'll get another kitten.

    I'd love to get some rodents again (gerbil or rat), but I'm afraid the cats might see them as food.
    Lori B.

    My Blog: Relaxed Homeschooling

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    Three dogs - a wirehaired doxie named Gitli, a one-eyed pug named Otis and a chihuahua named Maxwell.

    And one fish, a beta named Delta.

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    No, I don't have any pet but i want to buy. I love cats

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    We had a parrot but recently rehomed him. We have 2 cats ages 5 and 7 who are the best behaved cats we have ever owned. We think once these pass we may not have anymore pets because my husband and I plan to RV full-time after he retires from the military.
    Two daughters, military brats to active duty Air Force, ages 15 and 17.
    Part-time homeschooler since 2007 turned full-time in Feb 2013.

    We belong to the Farm School Satellite Campus Umbrella Program

    Main curriculum: Teaching Textbooks and Shmoop University, Khan Academy and lots of books.

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Weekly Poll: Does your family have pets?