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    Default Weekly Poll: Has your child ever attended an online public school?

    Hi, guys! This week's poll is: Has your child ever attended an online public school?

    My children did for a very short time. It wasn't even a complete year. We knew very quickly that it would not work for us.

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    I voted yes BUT it wasn't for my home schooled dudes. When my first born was a sophomore in HS his grades started to drop... he failed a class. He BEGGED to do on line summer school (didn't want to physically GO to school).. it was met with disastrous results he just didn't have the drive (self discipline) to finish or get on his computer with out ending up on a game or chatting with friends... I let him pay the consequence of not finishing and retaking the class his Jr year AND pay me back the cost of the class he begged to take.
    The good that came out of it is now at 18 (19 in April) he knows he has to do what needs to be done on his own.... If he doesn't HE will pay the consequence not me. He doesn't do what he needs to do because Mom nags him...

    Now my younger two will probably have to take some courses if we are still going at this in HS... and if I had to guess they will excel at it (unless those darn hormones mess with them like they mess with 1st born )

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    I thought before if I had access to it I might try it. My state doesn't offer a free public school option. Though I did have to argue that point with my grandmother a few times, because she saw a K12 commercial. PA has free K12 public school and we share some channels.
    Now even if we had access I probably wouldn't try it. I don't think it would fit us.
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    Our state has an online charter school that my ds used at different times for different reasons. They offer a broader range of classes and offer more honors and AP classes than the local high school. So it has been a great option for us. We have found that it helps greatly if you have a highly motivated and very disciplined student.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zombxx View Post
    Hi, guys! This week's poll is: Has your child ever attended an online public school?

    My children did for a very short time. It wasn't even a complete year. We knew very quickly that it would not work for us.
    I voted "yes" but my answer is pretty much the same as yours.

    Oldest tried it for 1 full class (Spanish) and 1 class she dropped right away (Art).

    the Spanish class was fine but I can't say it gave her much of a Spanish foundation, which is what she was hoping for.

    The art class was really basic and not what she expected but the main problem was the teacher. She was extremely pushy, and while I understand that they have to maintain contact with each child and have to have contact with their parents, she was especially difficult to work with. I work full time and tried to explain that to her, that in order to speak with both of us at the same time she'd need to call me at work so I could conference my daughter in OR speak with us after 7 at home but she still insisted on calling our house in the middle of the day and then giving my daughter a hard time for me not being available...which you know, incredibly unfair seeing as my kid was like 13 and not my keeper!
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    Florida Virtual (FLVS) is free for residents. Our daughter took the HOPE (PE) class online this past summer. It was pretty painless and gave her the PE high school credit she needed. She plans to take English for 9th grade over the summer. We decided to spend our money on science and math classes and see if we can take free classes for English and history.

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    My son has done several courses on flvs (free to us). It's not for us but we still use it as the cheapest, best option for some classes. We see it as a necessary evil.
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    I voted No. We considered it, but it is very restrictive and we don't do restrictive well. We might try it in the future if necessary, so I like that the option is there (and still a better option than actually going into a school), but not for us.

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    We tried K12 and lasted 2 weeks and pulled them right back out. It's garbage. The work load is VERY high, multiple tests a day, and you cannot miss anything without a truancy officer in your stuff. When you unenroll, that's who you go through, a truancy officer. Would never recommend it to anyone.
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    YES. the only way that DH would agree for our son to be home schooled was to do the distance learning courses. Having gone through elementary school and the first semester of grade 9 at a "jail" high school our son doesnt mind doing the subjects. He just wants to be able to go at his own pace, and not at the teachers slow pace.

    I would not have the patience to have to find High school curriculum for DS and then have to stand over him and make him do his lessons, when he and I both know that he would prefer to play games.

    The Distance Education school that we use is supported by the Ontario Provincial Ministry of Education and provides all the necessary subjects for students to obtain their high school diplomas.
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Weekly Poll: Has your child ever attended an online public school?