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    Default Weekly Poll: Does the weather affect how you homeschool??

    So, with the recent hurricane affecting the East Coast, rain pouring outside my door for days now, the heat in many places this Summer and the overall prediction of our Winter.... it brought to mind a great question for our weekly poll!

    Does the weather affect how you homeschool?

    When it is dark and gloomy and rainy and you are stuck inside, do you change your homeschool day? Does the gloom affect you?

    Snow is falling outside and the weatherman says 20 inches before dark, do you take a snow day or do you press on?

    Hurricane is coming. Do you stop your current learning to start learning about hurricanes, preparing, how to watch the path, etc.?

    Heat is ON! The heat index is baking it outside. Do you grab a iced tea, a good book and chill out under the AC or do you press on and sweat through homeschooling for the day?

    We homeschool August through June at my house, so we deal. Though if it is a nice day, we head outside. In Fall we do stuff on leaves when they are ready. In Spring we learn about bugs and in Summer gardening.
    Snow, we get it so rarely here in the city that we DO take snow days and play in it. If we lived in a more severe weather or more drastic seasonal change area, we would probably totally change up our homeschool days!

    So tell us, does the weather affect how you homeschool?
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    If its the first day of a storm, we do a rain festival. Play in the rain (yard), have poetry tea, and watch a serial of movies.
    We dont really own raincoats, so its a pretty wet time. (DS4 is outgrowing the rain gear I had bought DS10 when he was little and I spent money on stuff like that.) If its really exciting, the kids try to assist me in an emergency take down of the backyard shade cover. (This would be rain + a lot of wind.)

    Sadly, its not more than a couple times per year.

    We are in October, the scariest month for me - Fire month. Fire emergencies seem to last about a week, and the public schools shut down, and sometimes businesses cancel work for their employees.
    We do school, but I think Im a little edgy about it.

    Other than that, its like LA Story for us... weather is warm and sunny year round.
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    WE started homeschooling this year in June. It was just too hot to go outside and play so why not go ahead and start school inside where it is cool anyway? When it's cool, we do take random days off to go to the zoo, or just go spend some time at the park. October- December, and march/april tend to be our cool but not too cool months. But June, July and August (and this year May and September as well) are just too hot to play outside for long hours!

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    The weather never really affected how we homeschooled, unless it was such a glorious beautiful day that we would chuck the day's plan and go for a hike at the Dunes.

    As for snow, I always told my kids that if it snowed so much they couldn't make it downstairs, then I'd declare a snow day--never happened. They didn't mind so much when they realized the ps kids still had to make up the day, usually in June, and my kids were done in May and spending the nice weather days outside, done with school.

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    Yes, our HS is totally weather-dependent. We HS year-round and week-long mostly to be able to take off any day/days we want for weather related reasons. Warm, sunny, and beautiful - play outside. Fresh powder snow - go skiing. Gloomy with soft drizzle - snuggle on the couch and watch movies. We manage to do school in between. I try to stay on top of long-term weather forecasts to see which days we should try to do school and which days we shouldn't even bother. The only things that are not affected by weather are DDs' activities and therapies.
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    We do tend to embrace the freedom homeschooling offers, to make the most of gorgeous weather (to me, that means crisp/sunny fall weather or fresh, sunny spring weather, or the first real snow) by being outdoors as much as possible then, and use those times when we just want to hole up indoors around either the AC (in hot summer) or the nice heat and teapot when it's the part of winter that isn't fun anymore.

    I absolutely adore using the ickiest, worst part of summer to sit and do a lot of bookwork in the direct blast of a powerful AC, because there is literally no other good use for that time, and it means we can go out leaf-walking in the best fall weather ever, just because we want to, at noon, because that's the time on those fall days that are nice, whereas wait til 3 pm and it's already cold.

    Of course, this brings with it the risk of becoming coddled eggs or hot-house flowers, and spending the whole fall and winter ill, if we don't force ourselves to get out when it starts getting cold. So lately we've been taking a morning walk in weather brisk enough to need a jacket, right after coffee and breakfast, even though we want to ooze into the day, instead.

    It's for our own good.
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    We school outside as much as possible! And if it is raining we also must play in it.
    The one time it snowed even hubby called in to work so we could enjoy it.
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    Two words: Beach Day!

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    We live in a snow belt in Ontario sandwiched between two of the Great Lakes. If we took snow days, we'd probably eventually run afoul of the authorities! Seriously, we do slow down a little because I have to plow, but it's not a major impediment. Mostly it affects science. I have to look closely at what we're doing in science and map it out for the year because there are some things that just aren't possible for 6 months a year.
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Weekly Poll: Does the weather affect how you homeschool??