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    Default Weekly Poll: Do you have a secular or inclusive group in your area?

    So, a post by a Facebook SHS member got me thinking today.
    They asked if anyone had any tips for getting a secular group started because all they had in their area was religious homeschool groups.
    Great question, as it seems many others have the same issue.
    We are lucky enough where I live, that we have MANY homeschooling groups to choose from.
    We are secular homeschoolers and fine with inclusive groups.
    After our first social event we attended, we were invited to join a group.
    First question that I asked was, was it religious based or inclusive or ???
    Luckily it was inclusive with 99% of the activities being secular.
    And I am glad we joined, because these kiddos are now my own kid BFF's.

    So, do you have a secular or inclusive group in your area?
    Would you consider starting one?
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    I went with "sort of". We have a couple that are "inclusive" an hour or so away, but in my area, an hour away is still considered "close". I haven't gotten to them yet as this year all free time is being sucked up with the house hunt and we were letting Tech decompress from pre-k. He really hates being around crowds of people. Once the move is complete (if it ever is) we'll be joining a group. And seeing just how inclusive they really are. Down here, sometimes inclusive means "accepting of other christian faiths" but not ACTUALLY inclusive of anyone who isn't religious, or believes something other than one of the flavors of christianity (and an atheist?

    As for would I consider starting one? NO! I'm an introvert of the highest order. I could happily go weeks without seeing anyone other than my husband and son. Just the thought of JOINING a group makes me twitchy. I'm pretty sure starting one would send me into a rubber room.

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    Inclusive meaning everything from Atheist to Pagan to Anabaptist to Catholic. No holy roller types, though. It's very live and let live, respectful, and frankly doesn't come up that much. There is a general attitude of any religion one has, or does not, is private. If it does come up, it's more "share your beliefs, traditions, culture with us so we can learn about it." We do science together. It's secular.
    homeschooling one DS, age 13.

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    I voted other, as there is a local group that states that they are inclusive, but are really not and I tried to start a group, but that didn't go well. I know that some people are starting to try one about 30 miles from here, but their set-up is such that we can never go to any of the activities and well DS doesn't really like any of the kids. So we will see if that gets anywhere.

    I have given up on homeschooling groups and now focus on programs for all kids, like after school programs.
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    I'm done with homeschooling groups too. I used to be very active in them in the past and I do miss the camaraderie, but not the drama. ds8 is a delightful, friendly, innocent little boy but he's kind of a bully magnet so playdates with individual families are more our speed right now.

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    We are in NYC so there are more choices here that a lot of others. We are yet to find a comfortable niche but are crossing paths with familiar faces more often when there are outings and events which is nice. I'm hopeful that we'll find a couple of HS buddies this fall. DDs best friend moved this summer and we are feeling the loss

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    I went with "sort of". All of the actual groups that do anything around here are religious groups with statements of faith. I was with a group that tried to start a secular co-op, but it turned into a play-group for the pre-k crowd before falling apart. I'm in a facebook inclusive group for the area, so a place to share information, but nothing ever actually happens as a group.

    Thankfully, JC spends gobs of time at dance. She also does pottery every week (at the Ohr-Okeefe museum in Biloxi), and she will be doing science classes at the Mobile Exploreum every other week this year.
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    Actually, I did start one and two friends then started similar groups in neighboring cities. The groups are inclusive - secular would mean there wouldn't be enough people to come here in the Bible Belt. There are so many religious groups that closed-minded religious people stay away from inclusive groups. As a result, the inclusive groups really are accepting. These aren't co-ops so it doesn't matter if science is taught. Or if someone is doing K12 or charlotte mason or unschooling or whatever. It's just a group to get together and have some social time.

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Weekly Poll: Do you have a secular or inclusive group in your area?