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    Default Weekly Poll: Summer Break or School through the Summer?

    So, we have hit July. WOW
    Love this time of year. Warm weather, sunshine, we get to be outside, garden is flourishing and then the heat starts.
    Our first year homeschooling, we started in October for oldest DS and in January of the following year for youngest DS. Prior to that we had been public schoolers so it was ingrained in us to school Sept-June. We wrapped up the year in June after crushing it. I decided when we finished, that we would do a longer year
    and take more breaks.
    Now, I didn't want to take away our Summer all-together because we had family vacation, 2 weeks the boys stayed with the grandparents and lots of outdoor stuff we ONLY get to do in Summer.
    So, we started August 1 and worked until mid-June. We did 9 weeks on and 1-2 weeks off, depending on where it fell and how we wanted to work it.
    That gave us 6 weeks off in the Summer to do fun stuff and we also do a Mon-Thurs only schedule so even if we had things we WANTED to do in Summer and school had started....we could.
    I guess you could say we kind of fit both profiles, we did take a small Summer break and we kind of school through the Summer. Mainly because even our vacation, we did something cool. We explored the tidepools, took pictures of critters we weren't sure of to look up later, attended a wild food class where we learned how to forage, and a museum was always in the plan.
    How about you?
    Do you take a Summer Break?
    Do you School through the Summer?
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    We're still going through this coming week. We'll break after that for at least two weeks. We'll see. I'm bringing our basic stuff with us, but not really too worried if we break for longer.

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    I'm trying my best to still get us back on a descent schedule. We tried something new for art this week and ended up spending the whole week on art, music and audio books. Which really doesn't seem as lacking as it felt. Next week we're supposed to take a math focus and then try to even it out eventually with more math and reading mixed in while doing more of shared studio time for art.
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    We took a month break. Then it got too hot to do anything fun outside, so we just started up early. If we do our Labor Day geek-con this year, we may take the whole month of September off. Or, we may just use the time to take off once it cools off significantly. WE were in the 90's here already by May this year, so summer is just TOO HOT to play outside much! More and more public schools are starting here in late July and getting out end of May now. Gives kids 9 weeks while having them in school during the times it would be too hot anyway to be outside.

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    Well, being kind of unschooly at heart, I always feel like we're just doing different things in the summer. We don't really sit around with our pre-packaged curricula, but we go to more places, do more projects, do short units (maybe Shakespeare or a novel study), or just add some variety. A couple of day camps, a summer camping trip, and enjoying local festivals takes up several weeks, too.

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    Both. We take off 6 weeks in the summer - with a schedule similar to A&Wsmom. I need that 6 weeks to decompress from the year, and I think my kids do too.
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    I said both. We took the first 3 weeks of June off while I compiled last years stuff for an evaluation and handled paperwork to be legal. Then we started our loose lighter "summer schedule". We take days off here and there even from that (4th, stomach bug, homeschool group activity days.) We also take off completely the early part of September (usually the last full week of August until middle of September or so) for our real "Summer Break" because the weather is usually best for travel, beach, hiking. Also, I do a thorough cleaning/purging and finalize schedules and materials for our new school year, before we settle in to full time days of schoolwork, group classes, homeschool group activities, lessons, sports.
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    I just have mine work on basic math skills like multiplication and division facts. They also continue to read daily during the summer. We try to stick to the same summer break as the public school here since most of their friends are in school.

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    We are working through a few subjects that didnt get done over the school year. State history, math, and hopefully we will get through Earth Science.
    But its pretty low-key - sort of like *How about you work on math for a bit to get you out of my hair*... and days where I CBA, we skip even a pretense at schooling.

    In the past, though, when we take breaks, its a pain in the ass to get back on track.
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    We finished up in May, took a few weeks off, then started into our light summer schedule which is saved for days it's too hot to have fun outside or rainy days. She participates in a few summer camps, which I count toward school (Nature camp, Science Center Engineering Challenge camp and a Zoo camp). We check out books on a theme and just lots of fun reading for the summer as well. We take breaks as needed throughout the year.

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Weekly Poll: Summer Break or School through the Summer?