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    We school Jan-Oct to coincide with the school year here.
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    My younger one (almost 12) finished up his work today. My older one (15) has two papers to turn in to me in 2 weeks, a chemistry and geometry final (online classes), and Spanish 3 classes/exam to finish-so he will be done at the end of the month, and really done on June 4, as he has two SAT2 exams to complete.
    My kids participate in the science center summer camps during the summer-my younger one will attend, and the older one is in his third year of volunteering. This year he will volunteer almost every day starting in June from 8:30-4 until the first week in August, so we will begin school then. We used to begin in July, but things change...

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    We are at the point in the year where the workbooks are 80% complete, and it is bugging both me and ds. We are getting sick of looking at them, but neither of us like abandoned workbooks. Sooo, we are trying to push through, without rushing. I would like to spend the summer doing only math and science! And in the future, we will never buy big, thick workbooks again!

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    Augh, I changed my mind. We are NOT finishing the workbooks. I just can't look at them anymore!

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    Nope, we year-round school and aren't "switching" to "next year" until July when my lovely new planner starts. Or maybe August when he turns 8 and we officially have to register. Or September when tuition money comes in so we can buy a few big pieces for curriculum. They're all new starts of sorts, and come to think of it I'm pretty sure we told people at one point that we changed with the calendar year. We're fickle.
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    LOL, Miss Lemon, I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    I can't stomach the thought of looking at advertisements so I can buy more workbooks to hate next year either.

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    IEF, I sold the barely-touched math workbook for $12, and took DS out for a treat with the cash. We both feel SO much better.
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    MissLemon, we started with workbooks. For about 3 weeks. Then I realized that both Tech and I hate them and I'm not doing that to either of us!

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    I voted for year round but I do call and end to the grade around the end of May. Even though very little of what we do has a grade level on it, I still like to mark that transition. Of course now it's sparked the usually grade level switch re-evaluation of everything. Since we're technically moving into middle school level I think I might want to switch back to a more focused science. Now I get to sort through science curriculum again...
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Weekly Poll: School year almost done?