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Pagan homeschooler with a multireligious household(better half is christian, the uncle and aunt are an athiest and another pagan of a different tradition of the same path as myself- it is less interesting than it sounds because we agree to disagree a lot- the other two are a pair as well).

We find it generally hard to find things that don't try to bring religion into schooling, especially as we live in a bible belt and that is, apparently, the main reason people in our area opt to homeschool. Well that and because some kids get beat up for being pale skinned. Apparently that is a thing now. Yeah. To be fair, in my state it held a negative implication to begin with and while we did recently move it wasn't cross states... I've been in this state since I was in kindergarten and I remember the massive culture shock. In Arizona, even when I was a young child, being 'not mixed' or 'not mixed enough' was enough to get all the other little kindergartners to call you racist for existing. Some of them would go back to there parents and reaffirm it too when it was questioned. Make no mistake- they get it from there parents.

So... there are a couple main reasons people in my state homeschool. Either there kids are facing racism and changing schools didn't work(another thing a lot of people do in response to that) or they are christian and want to isolate from facts they see as a threat to there beliefs... though I'd argue that actually makes one's 'beliefs' more fragile but whatever. I'm not messing with that can of worms. It's caused me enough heartache and enough loss, as is, by virtue of existing as a thing people actually buy into.

It took us awhile to find this forum. It didn't initially come up. I mostly try to find secular rescources as none of us believe religion should be taught to children anyway. How is a child supposed to know what they believe or don't believe if they aren't allowed to grow and develop first? They don't. It leads to... many many not so pleasant things and some become very anti religion period when faced with how messed up things are because it's the only religion they know and so the only type of mind set within religion they think exists etc...

Don't really know what else to put here.

My favorite color is purple, lillies are my favorite flower, and I am an independent family advocate(the official ones in my state leave something to be desired).

I am also an artist and while homeschooler wasn't part of our original plan, we ended up doing so after the school made munchkin transfer for the program he was in and then moving... it just would have made him switch schools again and that is harder on him than most so homeschooling it was.

So, in our case, it wasn't really originally our goal to homeschooling. We simply adjusted to what was best for him and if it ever seemed like he needed otherwise we'd adjust again.

If I have not offended you with my blatantly heathen existence or my despise of political correctness yet then let's be friends. And if that bothers you but you feel you can handle it and agree to disagree then also: Let's be friends. Life is too short to argue over opinions when everyone has them.
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