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    Default Change in site leadership

    Hi there, SHS'ers. I'm creating this thread to let those of you regulars to the site know about a change that will be taking place as of Monday, June 12. I'll be stepping down as admin of and longtime member aandwsmom will now be the leader of this awesome community.

    I built SHS back in 2009, and when I did, there was very little active secular homeschooling presence on the web. (Click here for more history of secular homeschooling and the site itself.) In the time since, the site membership has grown to over 35,000 secular homeschooling families and it is (at the time of this post) the largest secular homeschooling site on the web.

    When I kicked off the site, our family was struggling mightily to find secular (or even inclusive!) homeschool support in our local area. So you know what they say...if you can't find it. And, that's what I did. Now 8 years later, my homeschoolers have both graduated and are leading wonderful lives with a long-term love of learning thanks to the power of home education.

    This site has been one of the most fulfilling endeavours of my whole life and even though it's time to pass the reins, it will have part of my heart always. If the site has been even mildly beneficial to you in your homeschooling journey then every hour I've ever spent to construct it and keep it running has been worth it. THANK YOU for being a part of this supportive community.

    I'm passing the site to incredibly capable hands and I know it's only going to get better from here!

    Continue to help one another on the path of homeschooling and support secular homeschooling in any way you can. PEACE, y'all!!

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    Aww, Topsy!

    Thank you so very much for making this space available to us, and thank you for all your hard work in front of and behind the scenes to make it happen. I wish you and your sons well, and hope you'll be doing more hiking and have lots more "you time" now that we're out of your hair
    Eclectically homeschooling 8th grade dd, who likes science as much as art...

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    Aw, Topsy, thank you so much for everything. Wishing you well on the next chapter of this adventure we call "life".

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    Thank you for creating this, and best luck in your new adventures!
    Mom to 5 great kids~

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    Thank you for making this wonderful site! Best of luck.
    DS 15, DD 13
    Year 9

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    Thanks so much Topsy - hope you continue to visit!
    DS16 with ASD, DD12 and DS10

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    Thank you so much, Topsy! I wish you much success in your next chapter!
    Mom to 3, only homeschooling DD13.

    "The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see." Alexandra K. Trenfor

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    Mahalo nui loa* Topsy for creating this space. It has been super helpful for me to know I have a community of secular homeschoolers that I can ask stuff, vent to, and share items I come across. Have a great time enjoying your new chapter! I do hope you visit now and then.
    Kids are so much more than a test score.
    Qualities not measured by a test: creativity, persistence, curiosity, humor, self-discipline, empathy, humility and so many more!

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    Thanks so much for all of your hard work with creating and maintaining this site, Topsy, and I hope you enjoy your well-deserved retirement. Looking forward to that day myself, lol. This site was one of the first I stumbled on when we first started homeschooling (in 2009/2010 as well), and I have been thankful for the abundance of resources that I have found here -first as a lurker, then as a member.

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    Thank you! This site has been such a great source of inspiration and information for me, especially a few years back when homeschooling was very new for my family and much less common than it is now in Australia. This site definitely helped me feel less alone in taking the homeschool leap!

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