Hi all! We've given you some heads up that SHS would soon be getting a makeover. That project was stalled for a month or so while we were switching project contractors, but we're about ready to hit the "GO" button on that again! At least some of you have likely noticed the 5-second stall in loading the site? That is to protect against site-hacking, which unfortunately we've experienced a good bit of lately. But the site makeover will include increased security, which we are greatly looking forward to.

My expectation is for the site makeover to roll out over the next 30 days. If there are interruptions in service, I'll try to give you as much heads up as possible on those, but if the site needs to go down temporarily, you may need to check for notices on our social networks to see if there is an announcement there.

If you have any questions about the makeover, please don't hesitate to drop those in the comments here. THANKS SHS'ers!!