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    I have an office jet that is a copier, scanner and printer - can't live without it.

    ipads - we all have our own and the kids practice Japanese, math and do all their 'writing' on the iPads. They also do most of their reading on their iPads. Though your kids are younger you might wait but its just as good as a computer and more portable.

    One thing you might not know, you can get a teachers discount at most places like JoAnns, Staples, OfficeMax - they have special teacher days. I just make my own Teacher id card at homeschool buyers coop - its free, laminate it (got a cheap Purple Cow brand laminator at Costco for $20!) and you're good.

    second the legos. Your kids are the perfect age for legos. There are educational kits which are pretty cool, you could just do those for science to break into homeschooling. I think homeschool buyers coop has a deal for those sets now. If you don't know what the homeschool buyers coop is, go there now. You can get some great deals on curriculum, books, legos and even computer based classes/subscriptions.

    Your kids are a great age for, though I think its great for any age. Fun animated videos on a huge number of topics. Subscription of $100 is well worth it - again check homeschool buyers coop for deals.
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    forgot one thing. All the talk about pencils reminded me. My kids HATE pencils and we found these great ERASABLE pens at officemax. They're by Pilot and called FriXon, I found them on Amazon too and was able to order a box of assorted colors.
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    I'd agree for the small white boards. I have three and they are fabulous.

    We have crayons, colored pencils, markers, construction paper separated by color and put in hanging file folders. And books, lots of books. library cards.

    I'd say a computer. and internet.

    of them all internet has been the most helpful to me for schooling. I could see where an iPad might be good too.

    Maps I got some from a school teacher that are laminated. and I've loved them. But a globe might have been nice too.

    I never bought an electric pencil sharpener, but I think about all the time. I use the small artist ones. I can toss them when they are dull and not feel as bad. I had some trouble with colored pencils in the electric one as well. Lots of broken pieces.

    That is it. Not much really. I never used any wall hangings.. It seems like a bit of overkill to homeschool and then hang up a bunch of stuff. But.. some folks like to mimic the school environment. (and i am sure they are fun to buy.)

    CLIP BOARDS. oh. yes.. for doing work not at the table. they are nice. or maybe a lap desk, but we use clip boards all the time.

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    Yes! Clipboards are a definite must around here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lakshmi View Post
    I never bought an electric pencil sharpener, but I think about all the time. I use the small artist ones. I can toss them when they are dull and not feel as bad. I had some trouble with colored pencils in the electric one as well. Lots of broken pieces.
    Also if you have colored pencils that keep breaking in regular pencil sharpeners, sometimes the little ones break up the colored pencils too, try a soft lead sharpener. Soft lead sharpeners are more gentle on colored pencils.

    One of my must haves are folders, lots of folders. I use them to organize everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonfly View Post
    Also, mechanical pencils work great, but never survive the year. The cheap, disposable ones are, well, disposable, and I can't easily find good quality, metal bodied ones. They are all plastic, and fall apart by the end of the year.
    I adore Pentel's Twist-erase pencil. I fell in love with them in college, they are superior to regular mechanicals in that the eraser twists up too. You can get them for not-too-expensive at Dick Blick.

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    Pencils, paper, markers, glue, water colors, tape. Pencil Sharpeners! Construction paper, scissors, crayons.

    Backpack for when you need to homeschool in the doctor's office or elsewhere.

    Curriculum: Handwriting Without Tears, each their own level.
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