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    indispensable for us:

    a printer
    art supplies (including a really good pair of scissors, and a roll of craft paper from Ikea)
    easy clean chairs and table
    baking soda
    transparent "Really Useful" boxes (because the kids think it's funny to switch labels around)
    boooooks, lot's and lot's get my point.
    sturdy Costco shelves...because bad things happen when a cat sleeps on an already overladen shelf
    a terrarium...because our dining room has one itty-bitty window and was just too darn depressing
    an ikea easel that we tore in half and nailed on the wall, with string suspended along the stand to keep up dd's lapbook
    Homesquirrelled children: ds (2001) "Pudding", dd (2004) "Polliwog", dd (2006) "Poppy"

    You go into the woods where nothing's clear
    Where witches, ghosts and wolves appear
    Into the woods and through the fear
    You have to take the journey

    INTO THE WOODS (musical)

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    and several library cards. The late fees are less for children
    Homesquirrelled children: ds (2001) "Pudding", dd (2004) "Polliwog", dd (2006) "Poppy"

    You go into the woods where nothing's clear
    Where witches, ghosts and wolves appear
    Into the woods and through the fear
    You have to take the journey

    INTO THE WOODS (musical)

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    Fantastic! This has made me feel like I'm on the right track. We have plenty of nature, tons of books, a map of the US, and lots of school supplies. I am very excited to get started! My eldest will be 8 and she is wanting to plan out every second of every day. I keep having to remind her that we are not going to be re-creating school at home, we'll just be learning differently at home.

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    Small white boards and lots of thin dry erase markers.

    Quality, top load scanner

    A system to keep the day organized - we use the letter trays from Ikea, the baskets slide out, so we can pull out what we need and work from the basket

    Blu-ray player with wifi on a decent TV for all the documentaries we watch on Netflix and disk

    Folder or binders or file pockets to keep track of the kids' work
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    What a great topic! Since I too am thinking of stocking up on supplies for next year. I already have a bunch of fun stuff bookmarked on my computer of ideas and books!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanuki View Post
    and several library cards. The late fees are less for children
    We have zero late fees for children's materials.

    And how could I have forgotten a printer! We had to switch over to laser for homeschooling.
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    1. I must agree with the globe, I just get the feeling that, when we pull out the globe to answer a question, she somehow "gets it".

    2. I, also, scour: the used book store, Goodwill, Salvation Army and garage sales for books. I want them all.

    3. Colored Pencils. She has her own set and I keep a high quality set for her special projects or upon request.

    4. Not mention yet, but lately, the modeling clay has been getting used with enthusiasm and a definite aid in learning.
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    For me personally, coffee is the fuel on which our homeschool runs. Without that, the rest wouldn't matter! To be serious, though, we seem to use the following almost daily: white boards (we have one on an easel, one on the wall, and 2 small 'hand helds', plenty of white board markers, paints, watercolors, brushes of all kinds, plastic palettes for mixing (and empty egg cartons), oil pastels, markers, crayons, colored pencils, clay, construction paper, tracing paper, sketch book/charcoals, watercolor paper, tablet of large paper suitable for painting, one of those wire thingies from Ikea that stretches across the wall with hooks that clip onto artwork and a bulletin board for displaying things my child is most proud of or inspired by and his handmade holiday/seasonal decorations, fables from around the world and poetry books are great starting points, an atlas, maps, a big favorite here is an inflatable beach ball globe, a meter stick, glue sticks, white glue, rubber cement, a magnifying glass (this year we got a microscope), a good printer and a lot of paper, old magazines like National Geographic and Smithsonian are helpful for collages and for seeing what sparks my son's interest. Have fun with it!
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    High-speed internet connection (used for her email, Google maps/satellite, watching documentaries, looking stuff up, etc.), Freecycle (have gotten hundreds of children's books, craft materials, and unused workbooks for free) & Craigslist, ditto to the library card, Netflix, sketchbooks and journals, the computer, posterboard/foamcore, photo & laser printers, cheapish digital camera for DD (7yo) to use, my Staple's rewards, and my 40% off Hobby Lobby coupons.
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    One thing we use a lot that I haven't seen mentioned is a clipboard. But we do a lot on the floor, couch, backyard, etc.
    Mommy to C1 (DD - 05/07) and C2 (DS - 11/09)
    So far so good!

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