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    I joined this site years ago when my son was a toddler because I was determined to homeschool but that decision was vetoed by my (now former) husband. We compromised and have had our kids (5 year-old girl & 9 year-old boy) in a high-end NAIS preschool-12 independent school for their entire education thus far.

    With the uncertainty of the coming school year (and our school's refusal to refund tuition with it's closing last spring) I have convinced him to go with homeschooling for one year. I work full-time in healthcare and will probably not get time off if schools close this year and he already works from home but has little free time to help with teaching lessons so we are flying my mom to come live in town Sept-May and she will help out with childcare and some form of distance learning program or homeschool curriculum.

    So my question:

    What complete curriculum would you choose for a Kindergartner & 4th-grader who will likely be returning to private school for 2021-2022?

    We are looking at Calvert Academy because of their accreditation but it doesn't sound like there's a significant difference between their homeschool curriculum and the accredited program. Is this worth the extra expense? Cost is not a huge issue, we just want the best for our kids.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer! I really appreciate the knowledge & experience base that is represented on this site!

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    I am not familiar with Calvert, but from what I understand they have been sold off and now a Calvert school in name only but not from the quality of education perspective. Personally I am not a fan of online-only programs, as they are not very interesting and I know my kid, who would rather be on the computer than anything else, find them very boring and would rather do non-online options for the most part.

    In general, I would not pay for accreditation. No one will care later in their education.

    If you are looking for a program that will guide you through everything and have your children enrolled in a school, there is Oak Meadow, which many people have been happy with. I use Global Village School, but even with their school option, it does require hands-on from parents/caregivers. (I only use GVS' curriculum, even though I do like their teachers very much.)

    There are others, which give you the day-by-day but do not have a teacher or school enrollment, such as Build Your Library and Moving Beyond the Page. Both have workbooks and guide you through each day's activities.

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    If cost is no issue, and you are sure they'll be returning to private school in a year, then I second the suggestion for Oak Meadow. Be sure to look at the samples. Oak Meadow is solid, but Waldorf-inspired, and their early elementary years are very gentle. I personally think this is a good thing for kindergarten, but ymmv.
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    Have you asked your mother how she would like to teach or if she has any ideas? If she is going to be the main teacher, then I would want to make sure she was happy with what was selected it was easy and fun for her.
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Complete curriculum for only one year?