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    Hi Everyone! This is my first post. Weíre a secular family and are possibly moving to the Dallas area. Iím born and raised in San Diego soooooo....yeah. Iím totally cool with seeking out secular homeschoolers and secular groups. I know it takes effort. What I want to know is, will it be an uphill battle there? I know there are a lot of religious homeschoolers there. Is it going to be drama for us? Or is it totally doable? My kids are young nowó8/6/1. Any of you that live there and have insight, please help me out! Iím also not sure what areas are less bible oriented than others. If thatís even a thing there.

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    Welcome! San Diego since the 1980s here....

    Not speaking specifically about Dallas, but you may find groups of playmates for your kids and social interaction for yourself by seeking out activities and groups with your non-homeschooling interests. Gardening clubs, astronomy clubs, science camps, swim camps, library events...
    If you limit your search to ďsecular homeschoolersĒ your results may be extremely limited. Here in San Diego, Ive found the two main camps of homeschoolers to be 1) xtians. 2) Unschooling, turmeric junkies. (Not saying anything is wrong with unschooling.) Not a lot of secular, eclectic, academic families that Ive found.
    Find the secular people, you will be on your own for the homeschooling part.
    (Im assuming you already searched for DFW secular homeschoolers and didnt find anything likely.)
    The band of people exactly like you in every way probably dont exist.... you homeschool because youre independent, and conformity isnt likely your strong suit.
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    Hi there! I don't live in the Dallas area but we do live close enough to make a day trip there. The general area around here is pretty religious, not the worst I've seen but you probably will be asked at least once if you've found your church home yet when you first get there lol.

    If you want a less bible oriented area, I would probably look for an area with lots of young families. In a metro area, as a general rule, the areas where young families tend to gather are less religion heavy than areas like mine that have lots of older people. Being a very large metro area, Dallas/Ft Worth will probably have plenty of secular homeschoolers as opposed to where I live out in the sticks where I'm pretty sure we are the only secular homeschoolers here. (I don't know, we don't do homeschool groups or co-ops so I haven't looked but the other homeschoolers in the area that I do know are religious so there's that...)

    Like Alexsmom said, if you can find a group of people you jive well with whether they homeschool or not, it will probably be more helpful than looking in vain for secular homeschool groups. Personally I don't like homeschool groups or co-ops because of the drama. I've been in both christian groups and secular groups and it was rampant in both. So I socialize with homeschool moms online so I can do it at 3am if I need to and my kids make friends at their various activities and in the neighborhood. It has never mattered to them that not all their friends weren't homeschooled. Some were homeschooled, some public schooled, some private schooled, a few even had private teachers for their schooling, it never really mattered to them or their friends and now that they are grown they enjoy the diversity of their social circles and can get along with almost anyone.

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    Thank you! Itís a smart idea to join things that arenít specifically homeschool related. I do see a few secular groups there, so thatís good. I was just hoping a local would have some insight

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    I am sorry I have no local insight, but just wanted to say welcome to the forum and I hope the move goes well! Beyond the homeschooling, are you excited to move and live somewhere else?
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    Here in Texas, the big cities tend to be less bible oriented. San Antonio is a bit religious, but there are plenty of secular or all inclusive groups. Unless its a co-op. But even in the co-ops, you will find secular people attending along with people of different religious backgrounds. The one secular co-op that was here quickly shut its doors and I still haven't received my money back. Hopefully someone will try again in the future. And I believe Houston was found to be the #1 Diverse city in America. I don't mind religion, its not my thing, it just makes absolutely no sense to me. Not even as a kid did any of it seem remotely true. But big cities in Texas are more diverse and less bible oriented than they used to be.
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