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    Default 10th grade math curriculum help

    I just found out that Horizons math curriculum stops at Algebra I. Totally freaking out now as that was the only math curriculum I understood enough to teach and have used it since math 6. Presently my daughter is a freshman and I was trying to find a sophomore geometry curriculum. Thankfully I have plenty of time to find a new curriculum but it leaves me wondering, what to use next? I like the spiraling aspect of horizons, we ignored the religious aspect of it. I've heard a ton of people using teaching textbooks, but I haven't heard to reviews on it. Any thoughts?

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    Well, first of all, you don't need it to be a "sophomore" geometry program specifically. Any high school geometry program is an option.

    We're planning to do Jacob's Geometry next year. However, there are a ton of other options. There are textbook options like Saxon. There are computer based options like Teaching Textbooks. There are fun supplements like Patty Paper Geometry. There are online classes like Thinkwell and Derek Owens and... I mean, so many online options.

    If you're hoping to mostly hand it off, then Teaching Textbooks is good. It's on the easy side across the board, but it may be what you want.
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    FarrarWilliams, Re: Jacob's Geometry: I read in a review that some examples include "bible apologetics" you have the book? does this appear to be something one can just skip? I guess I am asking if these questions will lead to long discussions that aren't math related. Thank you

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    Luv2HS, I am not Farrar but I do know that when Master Books republished Jacobs' Algebra and Geometry they did update some problems (mainly because their examples were from the 1970s so there are I dunno 5 billion more people on the planet since then) and so they might have thrown a Christian curveball in there too because they also publish Creation-based science stuff. I dunno. That wouldn't sway me from using it, but it would be a point to ridicule for the kid We haven't found any of that kind of crap in Jacobs Algebra though.

    Original poster: I also recommend Jacobs Geometry. If you feel your own math skillz are not superb, there are companion videos available through Ask Dr Callahan. We've gotten by without them but on the occasion where we're stuck (we're 8th grade and only in Algebra) we've found his videos on YouTube. But like Farrar said, there are a ton of providers of geometry. Jacobs tends to be thought the best because it is pretty thorough/written to engage the student.
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    My understanding about the reprint from the Christian publisher is that they didn't have the rights to the old cartoons and they replaced them with bible stuff and that they redid some of the problems and statistics quoted and so forth. I also wouldn't let it dissuade me... But we have a vintage copy and they're not hard to come by. I didn't even have to splurge much on the TG, which can be an issue in some Jacobs books.

    The only reason I know of not to get the vintage edition and avoid the bible stuff is that someone told me the new edition also includes the solution guide, which is impossible to find vintage. So... if you feel the answers and teaching notes won't be enough and you need the step by step solutions... But it also might be possible to get that by itself and use it with the vintage. I'm not totally sure.
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    Adding... unlike my vintage copy of Mathematics: A Human Endeavor (I've got the full Jacobs lineup of math... I'm a fangirl at this point), I think my vintage copy of the Geometry is from the 90's, not, like, the 70's. So it's vintage but not insane vintage. We're not talking Ray's Arithmetic. Sometimes in the Algebra when we come across a statistic that's clearly out of date (like current world population or the closest magnification of a virus), then it's fun to look up the current stats instead anyway.
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    I haven't purchased it or used it yet, but I plan to get Video Text. It looks like the best one for me. I am sort of even a little excited about it.

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    Thank you so much FWP. Good to know! I got the textbook that OM uses but it doesn't exactly excite me haha. I also found an old Geometry workbook at a used bookstore with no publisher that is actually a lot of fun labeled for hs but it doesn't deal with enough proofs imo to be "enough". I think it is from a defunt private school. I may just pull together both resources...

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    Ah, I see. That would explain some of what I've read in reviews. I will check out the used book sources then. It sounds a lot more engaging that what I have. Thank you
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10th grade math curriculum help