I'm late to the thread, but wanted to chime in as well. We've HS'd since day one and plan to do so through high school as long as we are able. My kids ask about public school now and then. Mainly curious about what it is like. I answer their questions based on my experience and that of my oldest when he went through public school (he's 25 now). They have no desire to attend at this point. They enjoy their freedom and ability to learn the things they are interested in. Both girls, K and 2nd, have many PS friends whether from Girl Scouts or just in our social circle. When new kids ask what school they go to and they respond they are homeschooled, they hear a unison of "Lucky!!" from other kids. Do HS kids miss out on stuff? No doubt they do. But not any more or less than PS kids miss out on stuff that HS kids get to do. IMO anyway.