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    I'm also in a very small town... surrounded by small towns. :P Honestly I'm pretty introverted, so it doesn't bother me too much. Sorry I'm not much help there. I have my daughter enrolled in other things that don't have to do with homeschool such as dance lessons and 4-H. And as others have pointed out when you live in a small town be prepared to have to drive for most things.

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    Yes to all the above, especially the driving bits.

    Frankly with just one kid, we simply follow her interests or she follows ours. So she likes fossils, I got her hooked up with the local gem/fossil collectors (mostly adults). She likes hiking, so she's set up with the local nature center. We like art, she goes with us to openings. I;m a history buff, so we hit local museum events. I am part of a stitch and bitch group, she comes and stitches and bitches. She did 4H. I like beer, so she goes brewery-hopping with us (100% child friendly).

    I think what helped was we maintained friendships with her buddies from private school. These people are for the most part Nones (no religion) so there's no real they're all academically inclined (also a problem I have run into with the rare bird nonreligious homeschoolers 'round here: they are often of the unschooly/unteachy/it will all work out variety and that's uh not my motivation for homeschooling). And if she does make friends with kids, like from summer camp, she's facetiming with them and plays Minecraft etc. when we're not schlepping her off to see them.

    As for me, I just take myself out of the equation. Finding other homeschool parents that I gel with is too hard, so I just do my own thing, socially, IRL.
    Eclectically homeschooling 8th grade dd, who likes science as much as art...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissLemon View Post

    Do you do facebook? You might have some luck poking around there for homeschool groups.
    There is a local hs fb group, but it seems to be mostly the religious hschoolers. Lots of ads for Abeka and such. I have joined a few others, including one that does play dates, but it skews much younger ( because their olders are at school.)
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    Homeschooling my boys, 5 and 8.

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    We got enough's enough of homeschooling groups over time, too.. but organized sports are not really a place to make friends, either, because most of the time is supposed to be spent paying attention to the teacher or coach, not talking, and certainly not playing or doing something else.

    We managed to find a precious few friends over the years, and for a while traveled to meet, but travel wears thin with littles and large families to manage, so we try to keep more local these days.

    I have one good friend that I've known for years, and she also has all but given up on finding new friends, because of how much time she feels she has wasted on false starts. I also made a couple of new friends in recent years, but there are issues with them that give me a "wait and see" attitude.

    Wish I had any advice or encouragement, but I get social outlet here, info about curriculum and styles, issues and solutions, here, and hsing inspiration, here. IRL, I have that one friend and a few newish ones with issues that make me stay a bit guarded, but I try to get together occasionally, with them.

    Honestly, I have to agree with that one old friend: that these new "we'll try it and see" friendships tend to fizzle for a host of reasons, and I am no longer going out on a limb or rearranging my life to accommodate, when the chances are so slim it will be worth it in hindsight.

    But athletics and activities keep us busy, not socially fed. And in many cases, they get in the way of our social life. Too many times, DD had to tell her HS friends she couldn't have a sleepover because of karate....and they can't have it on non-karate days because of their activities.

    She's weighing possibly just quitting activities, but we won't do that lightly.
    Middle-aged mom of 4 kids spanning a 10-year age range, homeschooling since 2009, and a public school mom also, since 2017.

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