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    Default One of those cool little moments

    Sometimes it's hard for me to articulate to others the little joys that homeschooling brings our family. Last night, I had a conversation with one of my daughters that really epitomizes for me why I continue to do it.

    As I was tucking her in, she asked me what the strongest muscle in the body was. She proceeded to answer her own question with another question--"Maybe it's those little muscles in our toes. Think about it. You can stand on your tip toes and hold your entire weight. I can do that on one foot and use just a couple of toes. Don't tell me the answer, Mom. I know what I want to do when I wake up tomorrow. I'm going to look up toe muscles. They seem amazing. Like how little ants maybe can't carry as much as a person, but compared to their size, they are stronger than a person. I think toes are like ants."

    I'm thankful that today she has the freedom to research toe muscles, rather than being coerced to sit and fill in worksheets about whatever topic a teacher needs to cross off a list. These times keep me motivated.

    What are some of the little moments that keep you motivated to keep homeschoolilng?
    ~Homeschooling 3 (DD 12, DD 10, DS 10) one day at time.

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    The main thing that motivates me to keep doing it is the anguish my children express when I talk about the possibility of them going back to school
    Cara, homeschooling one
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    Orion, floundering recent graduate
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    Yesterdays moment? we went boogie boarding in the afternoon. It was just us, with empty beach stretching away in both directions, steely blue skies reaching down to steely blue water, with the most perfect waves you can imagine. But the best part? My 7 y.o. telling me, "It's awesome boogie boarding next to your friend. You look over and he's right there." My boys fight like crazy and I know from experience that a four year spread is hard to overcome, but it's these moments that give me joy and hope.

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    My 8-year-old making up a tune for the Sorting Hat's song from a Harry Potter book, and my 5-year-old making up a dance to go along with it - and pulling me in and getting me to swirl around, too.
    Homeschooling my 2 children since January 2013
    7-year-old loves animals and math; 10-year-old loves reading and magic
    Massachusetts native, now living in Latin America

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    I love these kinds of threads!

    We were having poetry teatime today, and DS(4) asked me to read "Homework Machine" by Shel Silverstein. The machine gets the math homework wrong, and my DD(7) chimed in with the correct answer of course. And then she told me how in the Judy Moody book she is reading Judy Moody is in 3rd grade, and she doesn't know what 16+16 is. She said, "I would be in 2nd grade, and I easily know that is 32!" So DS asks her what 32+32 is, and when she answered 64 he asked her what 64+64 is and so on. We got up to 4,096 in this manner, and he asked "Well, how much is a googol plus a googol?!" She had read him the book "Can You Count to a Googol?" this weekend, and he was so excited because he was sure he would stump her with that! She didn't even skip a beat when she answered, "Two googols." It just all felt so awesome to me - this spontaneous conversation with my kids.

    And this was after she compared a "magnetic poetry" poem I wrote to a Langston Hughes poem she found in the poetry book today!
    Yeah, we've had several of these moments lately. Two darned-near-perfect homeschooling days in a row, and I am on high.
    Mommy to C1 (DD - 05/07) and C2 (DS - 11/09)
    So far so good!

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    Yesterday's moment occurred in a board meeting (for a nonprofit on whose board I serve). DD had to accompany me, and she sat in the corner of the room and organized her things. For 1.5 hours, she sketched in her sketch book, had a snack, and read an entire Nate the Great book - all without a peep. Periodically I would look over and catch her eye, and she would give me the thumbs up sign.

    Sigh. I love that girl!
    Working mom homeschooling DD (10) who is working on a 4th-6th grade level and keeps me hopping! SimpleMoney is my new venture.

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    I got this text from the husband yesterday (he took DD to her homeschool class @ the nature center):

    "M is proving to be 'smarty girl' today. Carnivorous plant presenter just asked her, "What college do you go to? "

    she's 10, of course.

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    One of those cool moments that I credit to home school...

    When my college student daughter calls me to ask advice and just chat about her day. Even though my kid went to public high school, home schooling through 7th grade made us unusually close and able to communicate. Love that.

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    We were on vacation last week in Orlando, and did Discovery Cove (which I highly recommend!). We got to swim with dolphins!! The dolphin trainer was showing our small group scratches on the dolphin's back and she asked if we knew what caused them. Little Miss pipes up, "from orcas or other predators!" Everyone laughed, and the trainer said that was an awfully specific answer for such a young child, but that there aren't any predators there - the scratches were caused by other dolphins, in play, but that she was right if the dolphin was in the wild....

    DD is a dolphin fanatic, and now wants to be a dolphin trainer when she grows up
    Working mom homeschooling DD (10) who is working on a 4th-6th grade level and keeps me hopping! SimpleMoney is my new venture.

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    My 8 year old hated writing and while he was in ps would do anything to get out of it.. He has been home for 6 weeks now and loves to write in his journal. I have to set a timer or we would never get anything done. He reads me the stories and man my kid has one heck of a sense of humor!!

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One of those cool little moments