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    Default Religious Discrimination and Sneakiness

    My daughter (8) just got her first lesson in religious discrimination and I am so upset. Was hoping to sign up for Archery her in AZ but they want HER to sign a Commitment Letter that includes a Statement of Christian Faith. No where in any information given to me by the teacher was there any mention of faith/Christianity. And they slipped the faith statement in on the Child's Agreement but not in the one the parents have to sign. I just sent an email to ask if there is a version without it and if this is a Christian-Only organization... Awaiting answer!

    So of course I have had to discuss with her what this means... She is heartbroken.

    Here is her response:
    Dear Kristina, we are not a "Christian Only" program. We do have families on our team that are not Christians. The statement in our Commitment Letter of " I promise to maintain and exhibit the Christian values expected of an Arizona Flight Shooter." is there to set a standard. We do not allow poor behavior and bad speech on our team. We do not insult others' faith and we do not take the Lord's name in vain. We do pray before competitions. However, if a team member and/or family member chooses not to pray, that is fine as long as they are quiet and respectful. We do compete against teams from religious schools so we expect proper, respectful behavior from our team members.

    If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you,

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    I would be furious! Let us know how they respond to the email.
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    Wow. I have a bad temper and I'm glad that didn't happen to me! I can't believe they only put it on the child's agreement form! How sneaky! And this is just a regular business and not a church that does this class? I'm sorry that she had to go through that
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    They use Genesis brand compound bows, but otherwise no mention of their religious leanings. Very shady.
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    4H clubs do archery and there is no statement of faith in 4H. My kids would have screamed bloody murder if someone gave them that.
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    That is ridiculous. There is nothing about religion on their website, at all. If they come back saying it is a club only for Christians, I hope you tell them their discrimination, exclusion and deception is crappy and not at all Christ-like.
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    That's stinks, Kristina. Your DD must be incredibly disappointed. . I'd be furious--what kind of an organization does that?! I hope you find a more suitable alternative. (( ))
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    I agree with above posts - that stinks for your DD and for you. But it got me to wondering, WHY would an organization do that? Is it the sign of desperate times, when Christian organizations have to be sneaky in order to find/convert members? If you are trying to root out the evil heathens, why not just state plainly on your materials that you are a Christian based organization? Even if you want to pretend to be inclusive (for whatever reason), I know I, for one, steer clear of anything featuring the fish icon or or overt Christian symbols/words.

    So it seems totally counter-intuitive to be sneaky about it if the end result is that you want to avoid non-believers. So that makes me curious as to the real motive - trying to convert children? If so, then why the statement? Why not just bring everyone in and then start the message/brainwashing and see what sticks.

    Anyhow, not trying to stir up anything, just genuinely curious as to why Christian organizations do the things the way they do. Thoughts?
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    Maybe they are hoping it will go through unnoticed by the parent and just signed by the child. Then they can pull it out when they get to child into class and treat it like a promise, a signed one, and bring extra pressure to bear on the child. "Remember little Timmy, you signed an oath to love Jesus forever and be one of his little soldiers of righteousness" or whatever they call it lol.
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    I sent the following email this morning after receiving their reply (added to my original post):

    After talking this over with my husband, we will not be attending your archery lessons as your policy is not inclusive and does not respect the religious freedoms of others. The assumption that agreeing to adhere to "Christian values" is the only way to ensure respect is not at all inclusive. Respect, acceptance, and sportsmanship are necessary for being good human beings. And if you are aiming to foster good behavior, that should be the focus.

    Requiring families to deal with team prayer before competitions ignores religious freedom and forces any child who does not participate to become othered and feel like less of a team member. It is also dubious to make no mention of the Christian beliefs of your organization in any material that you send. You also require that minor children accept a statement of faith on their agreement, but it is not included on the one for the parents.

    You say that you are not a "Christian Only" organization but then state that members need to uphold Christian values. You are being sneaky in your true intentions. I have filed a complaint with the ACLU as well as with the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Additionally, I will be reaching out to your sponsors to let them know that you are using your 501(3) organization for religious purposes and not for educational ones as you filed.
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Religious Discrimination and Sneakiness