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Thread: Roll Call, 5/20

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    Default Roll Call, 5/20

    It's been a bit quiet on the forums lately. How are you all doing? If you have been struggling with the virus, I hope you are recovering/recovered well. I also know that some of us are dealing with financial set-backs. Anyone take on part time jobs to supplement?

    Local K12 schools here are still undecided as to if they will resume in-person instruction in August. So the homeschooling groups are starting to see a slight uptick in new families seeking advice about homeschooling. My concern for families are those where the parents have returned to work, but the kids are home elearning. What are you hearing in your area?

    Garden here is still not planted, which is a good thing in hindsight. We've had as much rain this month as we normally get in a year, so the garden patch is extremely soggy. Flower beds and flowering trees look terrific, though!

    Still exercising to try to keep fit, but I've had to back it off to walks for a while. I dropped by YMCA membership where I used to swim laps. They are opening it back up next week. However, I'm still a bit uneasy about room and all. I've also stopped jogging for a while. I've been fighting joint pain for at least a couple of years, and now it's getting pretty bad in the knees. We think it's early arthritis. Hopefully this is just a flare up and I can get back to running (slowly).

    So has the face mask issue become political where you are? It has here in Indiana. I don't get why it is such a big deal to wear one when out with people. Heck, I don't like to wear a bra either, but I wear one when I'm out!

    Tell use what's new with you! Learning about your slice of life is interesting!

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    We are on our 3rd week now in our new house/town since the move to Montana. Things are going well. The girls and I have met up with two families so far at local parks, and they are now texting their new friends. I just put the semester grades in for our girls to get this school year in the bag. I have a senior and junior now! Trees and flowers here are blooming, but I could do without the rain. After living in North Dakota I want straight sunshine and warmth for a while.

    I read Slow Jogging by Hiroaki Tanaka and have started doing that. Check out the youtube video. Since it is slower than regular jogging it is easier on the joints and feet, and due to the absence of lactic acid buildup you can jog much further without the exhaustion.

    I hit news burnout about a month ago, so I don't keep up with the pandemic news and mask issues anymore.
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    Not much interesting here. At least it doesn't seem interesting to me lol.

    I had some setbacks with the garden, partly due to too much rain and partly due to overzealous seedling starting lol. I lost some plants that I just had no room to put outside. A couple actually produced some fruit before I had to compost the seriously root bound plants. I got one tiny anaheim pepper and one tiny cucumber lol. My pea plants are going wild though with all the rain. I need a better trellis system for planting this fall though. Oh and my petunias are beautiful. :-D

    Most of the increased interest I've seen in homeschooling has been online. I'm not really plugged in to our local homeschooling groups because they are heavily evangelical christian.

    @InMom I have EDS so I've had arthritic joint pain since childhood. Even swimming causes my joints to become inflamed and painful it just takes a little longer than say with jogging. I know you enjoy running so I hope it is just a flare up for you and it improves!

    It is only strongly suggested where I am to wear a face mask, not a requirement anywhere. We only had 7 cases of the virus in our tiny county and all 7 have recovered. The next county over from us still has 0 reported cases. For me, I have breathing issues (loosely related to the above mentioned EDS) as it is and any kind of face covering makes me light-headed and panicky because I know it is going to make me light-headed if I have to wear it any length of time. If it does become required here at any point, I will probably just refuse to go out as much as possible. Hopefully, it doesn't come to that because I really just can't handle a face covering of any kind.

    Other than that not much is going on here. Our six chickens we got in March and April are doing fantastic and it looks like we managed to get all pullets! Yay! No they were not pandemic purchases, we had been planning to get chicks this spring months before any of this stuff started. Sadly it just happened to work out that we got chicks at the same time people were panic buying, well, everything lol. The shelves of our local stores are slowly getting back to normal, even the toilet paper lol.

    Oh now that I think about it, something interesting did happen. Like I said, I have chronic joint pain and while I could probably qualify to disabled status, I haven't yet. I try to use regular parking spaces at the store (just park as close as I can to the entrance) and I walk just leaning on the cart for support rather than use the scooter carts. I have to go slow, really slow, on bad pain days that I have to go out. I had to go out one day last week on a bad pain day to grab a few things. Like I said before all the recommendations here are just suggestions at this point, I checked with a store employee. That's important later. I was trying to do as little walking as possible which meant I wasn't following the suggested aisle directions on the floor. An old man, practically yelled at me for going the wrong way and spreading the virus... Ummm, sir, you are lingering less than six feet from me to tell me this. If I were "spreading the virus" wouldn't you want to stay six feet from me? That's what I would have said if he hadn't caught me off guard. As it was, he "tattled" on me to a store employee who told him, the aisle directions are just suggestions not a rule, lol. It did make me feel bad that my disability is invisible to most people. He obviously didn't see that I was limping and using the cart to hold myself up. Making an extra lap around the aisle so I could enter the aisle I needed the "correct way" just was not happening that day because of the extra pain it would cause me. It could mean the difference between getting everything I need and having to give up halfway through my list due to pain and go home. Plus I wasn't aware that the virus paid attention to who was shopping "the right way" and who wasn't "following the rules". lol As slow as I was going, he would have to go around me anyways. Does it really matter which direction I'm facing when you do? One way or the other, you have to enter my bubble to pass me. But the way he said it made it sound like if I was going the wrong way I was obviously just out spreading the virus... smh. It is times like this that I always say we need to be kinder than necessary because we can't always see the battles others are fighting.

    Well I didn't mean to write a novel... if you made it this far hopefully it helped you pass the time? Hope everyone is well and not going too crazy indoors.

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    Sorry to hear about your aches and pains, Inmom and MHA.

    Im also on a sort of news and coronavirus burnout. Masks are mandatory to have with us out of the house in San Diego county. Ive started going for walks again, and most of the people I encounter (myself included) have the masks around our necks. Apparently we dont see crossing paths (its probably a 6ft wide path) while walking as mask-worthy. In stores everyone seems compliant, and the NextDoor neighborhood forum seems compliant even if some of us doubt the usefulness of it.
    And, even with my highly engineered homemade masks, I dont put anything to support the noseband, which lets me have better airflow. Even so, by the end of a grocery trip, I want some fresh air! (I figure my spittle doesnt travel up to my eyes and project outward.) We have all been quarantining since March, I think the risk is low of contamination. I think I would feel less comfortable if I lived in an area where it was more divisive, and less people masked up.
    (There is a crazy car up the street that has painted on it all about how coronavirus is just the flu, and a CIA and Media plot. Way too much sketchy social media for that person!)

    My littlest has finished all his official schoolwork for the year, so Im having more free time to work on my own projects. (I need to think of some fun ways to get him writing daily. His fine motor skills are precarious at best.)
    With my oldest, Im going through the “Dont Know Much About (US) History”. We have some interesting discussions, but Im still amazed at how he can totally miss the points that the author is trying to make. I guess if he had more context from earlier years of History Learning, he would be getting the connections better? (I never pushed history with him, since he didnt seem interested, and I knew he would get it in high school. Now I regret that, since he doesnt seem to have the background understanding to get the significance of stuff.)

    I started using a PandaPlannerPro - it has a focus on optimism (meditation, affirmations, etc), long term goals, and balance in our lives. So far I like it, and this week for sure has been far more productive than past weeks. (Although recent slump may be from pandemic stress.)

    Im glad we are all alive!
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    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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    Library opens today. The kids are so excited. DD11 has a Kindle as well, we have done lots of audiobooks, and they have very full personal bookshelves, but with the amount they read, the lack of new paper books has been very difficult for 2 months.

    Sorry to hear people have aches and pains. Hope they improve.

    Masks were never mandatory in the general population here. Now things have opened back up, people that do close contact jobs (like hairdressers) have to use them. During lockdown, about 50% of people would wear them out of free choice doing groceries etc.

    Our neighbour is getting double glazed windows at the moment. I wish we could get double glazing. It was not a requirement in the building code until very recently, so most NZ houses are single glazed. However, it is really expensive to replace them. I have had quotes ranging from about $22,000 to $34,000 (converted to USD for you all) to do our whole house. Maybe we will look at borrowing it from the bank now that interest rates are low.
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    Quote Originally Posted by inmom View Post

    Still exercising to try to keep fit, but I've had to back it off to walks for a while. I dropped by YMCA membership where I used to swim laps. They are opening it back up next week. However, I'm still a bit uneasy about room and all. I've also stopped jogging for a while. I've been fighting joint pain for at least a couple of years, and now it's getting pretty bad in the knees. We think it's early arthritis. Hopefully this is just a flare up and I can get back to running (slowly).
    I highly recommend the Youtube channel Upright Health for muscle strengthening to support joints and reduce pain. They have so much free stuff on there. Then if you try it and like it, they have paid programs on their website as well. All the stuff I have done has been for hips, as that is where I get pain, but I think it would help with knees as well as it is all connected. When I was a child, I partially dislocated my knee slipping on a wet grassy hill, and it bothered me for years. All the physiotherapy I had was similar to the Upright Health stuff for hips. Strengthening the muscles between the knee and lower back. So it might be helpful if you feel like looking at it.

    They have a play list specifically for knee pain,, but they do not add all relevant videos to their playlists, and I would also just scroll through their recent videos,, and see if any take your fancy. They have some free full length follow along workouts on there that are like their live classes (which are really expensive but great; I did them for one month).
    NZ homeschoolers (school year runs start Feb to mid Dec).
    DD 12 (year 7) and DD 7 (year 2).
    Fourth year homeschooling.
    Part-time freelance science copyeditor.

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    My father passed away on Monday from complications stemming from pancreatic cancer. The COVID restrictions made it very hard to see him in the hospital, and now they are causing problems regarding the funeral. My mother asked the funeral director how many people she could invite. He said as many as she wanted since the "hall" where he would be is large. My parents have a large social circle. I am feeling anxious about going because DH had had pneumonia twice, and we have been very careful in isolating ourselves.

    I too haven't run in a while and I miss it. We walk mostly with our masks on, which feels so restrictive that I often don't enjoy our walks. Yesterday DS and I found an abandoned school with a huge grassy area behind the classrooms. We're going to drive there so we don't have to bring our masks and then just enjoy a good run. I need to blow off a lot of steam.

    My vegetable garden is coming along. I had trouble ordering seeds as a result of COVID but some compost that I was spreading out in planters had seeds from our past meals in them and they all sprouted. So now I have tomatoes, peppers, maybe some eggplant, pumpkins and cantaloupe.

    The mask issue is political in our neighborhood. A lot of people aren't wearing them in the name of freedom of choice. And a lot of people have been having parties and playdates of late. I'm a bit baffled by this because the numbers in our county are much worse than before. More cases, hospitalizations and deaths. But a lot of people here seem to think that just because April is over, the quarantine is done.
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    Vicsmom, I’m so sorry. Impacts on end-of-life care and mourning are felt more here than coronavirus itself. We’ve had very few cases in Northern BC, but are still unable to visit care homes, hospital wards or gather to mourn in the ways we are used to.

    Early arthritis here too – mainly hands, wrists, feet. I miss the pool, but we’ll be sticking to the lake this summer. We’ve decided to forgo pools, theatres and restaurants this summer. The library will be opening in the next few weeks, but we’ll order books ahead and DH or I will do a swift pickup. Sticking strictly to outdoor, distanced activities with a very small circle.

    I’m loving our provincial health officer, Bonnie Henry. She’s capable, calm, realistic. She just did a CBC interview ; yes, a second wave is inevitable, but we are learning and adapting, and we each have a degree of agency in this. Masks and gloves are being used in close quarters like the post, grocery, pharmacy. Or when around vulnerable populations. It’s the considerate thing to do for others and reduces anxiety in many, so why not? Outdoors or just walking around town, I don’t see them in use, or I see them hanging around the neck while people are transitioning between closed spaces.

    Financially, we’re hanging in there. It’s a slow descent for sure, but we aren’t yet eligible for any of the offered supports. As a celiac family, gluten free choices have been scarce and have doubled in price. We’d like to stock up a bit, but a two-week cycle is what we can manage right now.

    On the sunny side our hummingbirds are back, and the rain is welcome. If it keeps wildfires at bay, it can rain all summer long as far as I’m concerned. I can swim the lake in the rain!
    Home schooled two kiddos from a remote location for seven years. DD16 has transitioned to public high school. DS8 tried PS, but likes home schooling better.

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    Vicsmom, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your father. How are your son handling it?

    Homeschooled two kids for 11 years, now trying to pay it forward

    Daughter -- a University of Iowa graduate: BA in English with Creative Writing, BA in Journalism, and a minor in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies

    Son -- a Purdue University graduate: BS in Computer Science, minor in math, geology, anthropology, and history

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    All is well here.

    We are back to spring with temps in the 80s and the garden is loving it. The spinach is starting to flower and the days are numbered for the lettuce and peas. But okra, beans, and cucumbers are sprouting. It has been very dry here - I think the other day the humidity was 14% in the morning - my skin feels it.

    DH's job is going well. He is in the office a bit more lately, but tries to be out in the field as much as possible.

    Here in NM, all business can be open at 25% capacity. No eating-in, movies, indoor malls, gyms as of now, but the plan is to reopen them at reduced capacity in early June. Masks - are required, but depends on where you are if people are wearing them. I was at Trader Joe's yesterday, masks are required by the store and everyone had one on. I've heard of people being removed from a local Costco for wearing one to get in, and then removing once in the store. I don't wear one when outdoors walking / hiking, which we are not required to do - but it is easy to stay at a minimum 6 feet apart. The Navajo nation is suffering though - and the rules they are following are different from the majority of the state.

    Theoretically, the public pools will open in a few weeks, so swim practice will start back up. One kid per lane, in and out, and on your way. The coach wanted a count of who would be going back. We decided to take the wait and see approach and made the tough decision to skip the summer season. Maybe the kids are 6 feet apart, but I don't see how you enforce that when you have lots of kids, or how kids don't cave to peer pressure. Also, heavy breathing, coughing, shouting - that is all a part of swimming (or any sport). The kids took it well and are planning to get exercise other ways. I told the coach we'd see her in the fall, but in reality, I doubt that will be the case .

    We started our break and it has been nice to focus on other things. I've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen - making / canning jam, and baking (finally found a chocolate chip cookie I like), scones (vehicles for the jam), and sourdough bagels (finally got my starter strong enough). Next week, will be another lazy week and then we'll pick up again and start school-lite.

    ETA: I have not heard anything about people actually homeschooling around here, but I don't keep up with the homeschool community anymore. It seems most people with kids the same as mine are either radical-unschoolers, or evangelical.
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