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Thread: Roll Call, 4/7

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    MapleHill, I am very impressed. I've done plenty of work on the structure of our house, but I'm almost always the "helper" to DH, the idea man. Share photos?
    I had to bring a couple of my plants in because it got nippy last night and they are calling for one last frost tonight but I'll try to get them back outside for a picture. It's nuts because we haven't had lows in the 30s in several weeks so I put all my grow light plants outside to harden them off, we put our month old chicks out in their coop this past weekend frankly because I'm tired of their mess in the house lol. I didn't build their coop, we bought it used, but I'm in the process of remodeling it too lol.

    I forgot to mention, we aren't in a SIP state. We are suppose to avoid going out as much as possible (we do that anyways though because dh and I are homebodies and don't like going out)and all the other stuff but we aren't under a SIP order as far as I know.

    Had a bit of a rough weekend though amid all this other stuff. Ds's dog was killed by a tree that was being felled. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time and ds saw it happen. All things considered he is taking it pretty well. He helped bury her and he wanted to put some food in with her for the afterlife because food was her favorite thing and that's what several of the societies we have studied this year did with their dead so he wanted to do it for his dog. He still has his other dog and the new chicks so he has just been focusing a lot on them. He has already asked if he can get another dog... I told him we would have to wait until the chickens get a little bigger because I can't handle another animal right now while the chickens still need so much care. Dh has been wanting to get a little lap dog for a while now so we might go that route.

    I'll try to get some pics of the backyard later today.

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    Roll Call, 4/7

    I'm afraid to attach anymore because that one is showing up HUGE on my screen lol. That's my little herb garden. Not much but I'm proud of it lol. All the pots were thrifted for a $1 or less or were free upcycles. And like I said the steps were on the back of the house when we moved in but we removed them when I built the porch.

    Is there a way to resize photos? Or do I need to resize them and then post a smaller picture? Anyone know?

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    Roll Call, 4/7

    Sigh another huge picture of my strawberries and my snapdragons. You can see the edge of my porch/deck there too.

    And just for kicks, my pepper plants that had to come back inside for a few days because overnight temps decided to drop back to the 30s for a few days this week. Some of them even have buds getting ready to bloom! :-D

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    @ AMH I had to cover a bunch of stuff yesterday with canning jars because it snowed all day! So far everything has survived, but it looks like we are going to be below freezing a few more nights. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt on Sunday.
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    LOL, RTB. Dh's grandma keeps telling me I need to bring all my plants in the house or they will die because we are going to have snow on April 19th... because we had thunder in February on the 19th so, according to the people she calls "the Old Timers" , we will have snow in April on the same day.... ummm yeah grandma whatever you say... Accuweather says the 19th will be low in the 50s and high in the 60s and they are usually pretty accurate within a few degrees so I think I will take my chances lol. There is no way I can bring all my plants inside. Between my EDS and hypothyroidism, not to mention the lack of available space inside the house, yeah, if by some miracle it does snow, the only plants I'm saving are the pepper plants because I started those in late January and I'm not starting over again with them lol. Everything else is replaceable or "oh well maybe next year" in my opinion.

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    What is with the snow in April anyway? There was over a 50-car crash early this morning on one of the highways nearby heading into Chicago. Why were there even 50 cars out, since so many of us should be staying home?!? The snow is barely sticking--did everyone forget how to drive in it?

    ***rant over***

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Roll Call, 4/7