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Thread: Roll Call, 1/6

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    We are just back from 9 days away in Wellington, NZ. DD11 went to a week long ballet summer school, and the rest of us relaxed and explored. DD11 also had a few days either side of her ballet for exploring.

    We tested out some electric cargo bikes at a store there. Super fun. Planning on replacing as many as possible of our car trips to after school activities and errands/groceries with electric cargo bike when the weather is ok (not too wet). Still tossing up between what bike to get, but it will likely be a Yuba Spicy Curry as that will fit both kids sitting on the back and be able to carry some cargo at the same time. DD11 can bike herself on certain trips, but not where the distance is too much, hills too steep, or where the intersections/traffic are a bit complicated. So it will be nice to have the option of being able to fit both of them on the back. Otherwise it will be just DD6 on the back and DD11 will bike herself and I will take all the bags.

    I had the entire time off work, which was nice, so I got to read (a rare thing). But I have not been reading anything adult or intellectual like you AM! I just read a whole lot of young adult novels (six of them in the 9 days), mostly the Maze Runner series and then some others.

    I cannot do hot yoga or hot any type of exercise as I would pass out. I have really low blood pressure and it gets tipped over the edge very easily. I do love yoga but have not been to a class in years as I cannot fit it in or afford it. For a while, I paid for a Yoga Vibes online membership, but now I do free classes on YouTube (mainly Five Parks Yoga). In-person classes are great though. My favorite time was a few months I spent in Thailand about 12 years ago, and yoga was really cheap. So I paid for a monthly unlimited membership each month, and as I had no family or house commitments before or after work/study, I went to a class almost every single day. It was very nice!
    New Zealand-based freelance science copyeditor. Homeschooling DD 11 (year 7) and DD 6 (year 2).

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    Sounds like a fun trip, NZ!

    Id like to try yoga, because I know I need more flexibility. But I havent had the courage to commit to a class. Id like to just yoga at home, a la youtube, but Im worried I wouldnt do the poses correctly. (Sort of like why I dont think online schooling works for littles! No feedback!)

    Probably not hot yoga, though!

    Im not sure how sophisticated the reading of Obama’s book was. It was inspiring to see how ambitious they both are, and their struggles against racism.... but upon reflection, there seemed to be some disconnect in the myth of “choosing philanthropy over making lots of money”. My interpretation was that they were wondering if they could afford for her to take a do-good job, and then she was struggling with a part time job and raising kids, driving through McD’s.... and then Barack was running for president and they had a big house and a personal chef. Or maybe I just missed something.
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    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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    It is great to start out with in-person classes to learn how the poses are meant to feel. I started doing yoga regularly when I was 18 and went to classes (community classes at the local university and the classes in Thailand) until I had DD11 and could not fit in any more. So that was 10 years of classes before I started my home practice. But you don't need to go to classes for that long to get a feel for it! When we were in San Diego, I did a few classes here and there. There are some good and affordable community ones run in various places. I did some at schools (after school hours) in Carmel Valley and Solana Beach, but I can't remember who they were run by. Maybe you could find something like that? I have always found the community classes more approachable in terms of the other clientele than commercial yoga studios.

    It is good to try out different types of yoga to see what you like. I started with Iyengar where you hold the poses for quite a long time, use lots of props and straps, and it is all about alignment. Then I moved into Vinyasa, which is more of a flowing movement yoga where you do not hold the poses as long. I mostly do Vinyasa now and I don't do poses like shoulder stand that can be bad for your neck if done wrong or too much.
    New Zealand-based freelance science copyeditor. Homeschooling DD 11 (year 7) and DD 6 (year 2).

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