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    I tend to think that its the PS kids who arent behaving in a “socialized” way. Adults and people out of their friendship circle are sort of invisible to our PS neighbors, and to me that's not how people should behave!
    Funny, AM, because my experience has been that their parents behave in the same exact way. I find that they lack basic social skills and are either dismissive or rude to people outside their social circles. Yuck.
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    I have had fewer and fewer conversations about DS' schooling. I kept giving vague answers and everyone just stopped asking. We don't spend a lot of time with family, as we live far away.

    And this year we are not traveling to visit family either. No one makes the effort to see us and we don't see the need to spend all of our vacation money and time to see family. Obviously there are other issues here that I will not go into.

    You are right though in that I notice that local people will assume that we are either religious or that we have an issue with the schools, but even that has gone away.

    In the end, we have found a group of people that we spend time with that just don't seem to focus on those things. They aren't homeschoolers. We have moved away from those circles. I don't worry about any of it anymore. All the things I used to worry about, I just don't as much.

    I'm still slackschooling. And even with high school on the horizon, I guess we will figure it out.
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