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Thread: Roll Call, 8/16

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    I think it was just his energy and positive vibe. He also teaches the high school film class teacher and I watched last years final project... he is just great with kids. You can see he loves what he does.
    That's terrific. I've always believed teaching is 50% content knowledge, 50% passion for your subject and for the kids.

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    Ive had a busy, strangely upbeat and productive week so far! Last week, I finally started tackling my “summer” project of cleaning up our loft area.... repository of all the toys I banished from the downstairs. I think this is the second year theyve been up there, most of them havent been touched in that time! Ive been reluctant to give them away for whatever myriad of reasons: “they were so expensive”, “maybe I should sell it”, “but I like them!”, etc. A couple months ago, one of my friends gave me her old iphone, and it felt good to give her the (previously too expensive to donate) wooden block set for her niece and nephew. Now Im hoping to give her a bunch more things (Thomas the Train stuff is expensive!), and it should be a win all around. So yah, decluttering joy!

    We also had our charter facilitator meeting where we decide what we are going to do for the fall. That went well. DS13 is going to go for 3 days a week! I will see how well that goes, with getting other stuff done. (Math worries me the most... they have a math lab each day where kids can bring their own stuff to work on and the teacher will help them.... but it isnt as though there is alloted time for individual instruction. DS is good at math, but not careful enough to read and learn on his own! Do I try explaining it in the morning on the car ride over? Make him do it at home at the end of the day?)
    And my baby doesnt want to go to any learning center classes. His brother and his brother’s friends are the closest he has to peers, I worry for him sometimes. (Im willing to let DS13 go 3x per week because being with friends is so important to him.) It will all work out, Im sure!
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    Hi Everyone! I love hanging out at this forum precisely because I don't get the crazy eyes here. I'm not sure if it even matters what grade your kiddo is in. I always get snide comments about homeschooling from a baseball mom acquaintance who happens to teach middle school. Once she asked with serious concern whether DS would be going to high school. Well, I taught middle school and high school before and I listen to her tell horrid stories about her work days...and it really gives me pause. I love kids, I love teaching and I value education, but I think the educational system that we have is antithetical to all these things. We have too many kids "graduating" out of the system having a very poor understanding of core subjects, civic duties and laws, finances and daily living. I'm not saying homeschooling always fixes all these problems, but I think it takes guts to acknowledge that the system maybe isn't working for our kids and to commit to doing something differently. And yes, I often feel the road is lonelier than it has to be.

    I love running, but I love running most during DS's baseball practices because it gives me an excuse to runaway from those religious, public school baseball moms....

    Regarding public speaking/presentation skills, I read aloud to DS and have him read at least 4 pages of a novel aloud to me daily. He also likes to explain projects that he is working on, like Lego Technic builds that involve engineering or things he makes in the garage. I'm also going to try having us study a topic but read different books on it and share what we learn and compare.

    We started homeschooling at the beginning of this month, though our schools also started this week. I might keep to this same schedule next year. I like taking late June and the whole of July off and starting again in August. In our math, we are starting with place value. DS and I made up a place value word problem where DH had to solve for an 8-digit mystery number. DS timed him, and it greatly amused him that it took his dad twenty minutes to solve it.

    Have a great rest of the week, y'all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RTB View Post
    (one cannot drink margaritas everyday).
    We can't?!?! That was my whole back to school plan.

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