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Thread: Roll Call, 7/31

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    Default Roll Call, 7/31

    It's been interesting around here. It's the season of wasp and hornets nests!! We had a large one in the 2nd story gutter. Had to get an exterminator to take care of that one, as neither DH or I can climb down a ladder faster than those little stinging demons can fly.

    Then two days later (yesterday) we discovered a large one on a lower branch of a tree in the back yard. Since it was so much lower, I decided to tackle it on my own with a $2 can of spray. However, DH insisted I be protected. So....I put on blizzard-proof coveralls (that I shovel snow in), rubber boots, thick gloves, a welder's mask, and an empty chicken feed back with a viewing window cut out over all of that--a poor mans' bee-keeping hood. It did the trick, but I'm sure it looked like some demented Halloween costume a talentless parent put together. Thankfully, DH took no pics and the neighbors were not out!

    We're headed to Indy for the weekend to visit DS at his internship--may take him and his girlfriend to the state fair. It's not summer if you haven't seen the world's largest pig!! We've been a couple of times before in the past when the kids had 4-H projects make it to state.

    What's been happening in your area? What neat things are you looking forward to doing?

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    Wish you'd taken pics of your beekeeping outfit. It would have been priceless. LOL

    I think we've been having too good a time here of just stretching our legs away from academic work, because one morning I woke up from a nightmare where DH was reviewing DS's spelling workbooks and marking 0's on all the pages because they were blank. Yes, one of my fears is that he doesn't know how to spell grade-level words, and so I am giving him 15 words out of a spelling book to spell everyday to see where the gaps are. We're also slowly starting to crack the books.

    What we've been doing otherwise. DS and I just celebrated our birthdays in July with fireworks and bbq. Mountain biking and hiking a couple of times a week. Early morning garden work. Doll work. Finally getting our house decent enough for guests. Keeping things off the floor is a big deal.

    DS has also done some baseball. He goes to a pitching clinic once a week at the batting cages, but it's been really good to step away from our local little league and most of the people in it. One of the moms whose son made it to the All-Stars team told me about the politics that went on there. Out of 13 kids on the team, 4 were regularly sat out except for the required one inning. Those 4 were the ones who were not part of the inner circle of coaches and their friends. The coach who bullied DS was a part of this group, and even though his son was inferior to the 4 that were sat out, he played every game. So did the son of his buddy coach (also an inferior player), because their kids all play football together.

    Here are a couple of links to my dolls, just to give you an idea.
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    Hahaha Carol! We had a problem with nests several years ago. This year it is the little black ants. My house smelled like we had an obsession with peppermint gum, but peppermint oil combined with bait finally took care of them.

    Vicsmom your summer sounds dreamy. Sorry about LL - stuff like that really gets under my skin and I know LL can get extremely competitive. My DS played for 2 years, I was not a fan. Will your DS play fall ball? I hear fall ball is less intense.

    I've been busy!

    DD had state swim and she did really well - she dropped time in her events (100 and 200 breast) - which was her goal. The race officials somehow messed up her entry, putting her in an event she did not qualify for (50 free) and not putting her in an event she did qualify for (100 breast). Ugh - it was a headache, she was mad, I was mad. The coaches told her to go ahead and swim the 50 Free. I told her to swim pissed off - and boy did she! She made a state time, won her heat, and placed 13th. I'm friends with another homeschool mom (from a different team) and her DD took first place in several events and will go to zones! Go homeschoolers!

    DS and DD are at camp this week outside of Santa Fe. DS is a bit old, and I was worried he would not have fun, but in all the pictures on the Facebook group he has a beaming smile. We pick them up Sunday.

    DH and I, along with other members from the Jewish community went to El Paso for Moral Monday at the Borderlands. It was nice to see so many different people from around the country and hear a variety of speakers.

    This week I'm finishing up our school plan and gathering the last of the supplies / books. Summer has flow by this year. I think it is partly because we have been so busy, and partly because we've had strange weather (it just recently got hot). And, I'm not anticipating much of a slow down until after the fall - NM comes alive in the fall with so many events, we have a big trip planned, and the holidays. Maybe this is the new norm??
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    I heard about the mass shooting in El Paso over the weekend. I'm so sorry about that. And then Dayton, OH and Gilroy, CA at the Garlic Festival. Everybody seems to agree that there is a problem, but no one seems to know what that is. Is it the guns or the psychological states of the shooters? What is setting people off?

    Yes, DS will play fall ball. Hopefully that will be more fun for him, since we are keeping most of the team we had last fall ball and the kids and parents get along well together. Then we'll see what happens in the spring. We will be contacting the little league player agent to let her know that his former coach will be banned from choosing him, though I can't imagine why he would want to.

    I love hearing stories about homeschoolers doing well! (Of course, I'm biased....)
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    I have been so busy that by the time I "have time" I am too tired to get in here and say hi to everyone. Hi!
    RTB, DS went to states here and it was super fun for him. DD was really sad she didn't make the cut, but she traveled with us anyway. I also have a friend on a different team who has a homeschool DD that swam GREAT and also is going to zones. My feeling is the same: YAY homeschoolers. Carol, the wasps have been bad here, too. I got one stuck between the window and screen and was stressed (totally illogical) that it would make it's way into the house haha.
    What I feel is my big news kind of sucks. So, DH, against my wishes, gave DS his old iphone to use as an ipod (no phone service). He figured out how to use a multiplayer video game for "texting". He behaved in a way I would have bet money on that he never would have. I don't know who exactly the other kids are because they don't use their real names, but, he asked a girl why she kept looking at "dic pics". I just about died. DH wouldn't let me approach, he told him we knew "what he did" and to just come clean. Well, he never mentioned the game (he doesn't know we know) but he did say that during states at the hotel his friend showed him a porn video on friend's phone. I just about died a second time. I am not a prude, but I was not expecting to deal with this at 13 yo. Hubby called it a "win" because we would have never found out otherwise. Anyway, phone has been confiscated and he has been in a total morose withdrawal. Hubby said it was normal and we are lucky we made it this far as far as keeping his innocence intact. SIGH.
    Still the tech is a thorn in my side...DD is making a strong case that she is 15 and "EVERYONE" has a phone. She needs one and would "never" misuse it.
    The meat and potatoes of my feelings: I am still super pissed and sad that I cannot trust DS who I always trusted implicitly. Oh yeah, he also has been listening to gross rap (I like some rap--the kind without rude lyrics about females, etc). DD has been super emotional about super random things...and she is totally off schedule with her academics.
    Anyway, being a parent is efffing mentally exhausting.
    Kids are so much more than a test score.
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    Sorry about the porn adventure, Luv!
    Last year, one of the homeschool moms caught a group of boys sharing that sort of stuff around with each other. We gave DS a phone last fall (just before he turned 13), because I remember hating being the kid who never had the cool things my peers had, and he seemed to be nearly the last one without. I can see all his messages on an old ipad also linked to his account, so if I want to spy, I can. He doesnt hang around with older boys, but there was a troublesome peer who probably wouldve shared porn just to make himself feel cooler. That boy is luckily out of the picture now, and DS just talks with a couple girls from school (their convos revolve a lot around the antics of their assorted pets), and with his neighbor friend and his cousins.
    We also turned off his ability to use apps after 9pm, so there isnt a worry of him idly “exploring” the web when he has privacy.
    Peer groups seem of central importance to him now, I dont mind him having access to the tools they all use.
    Your DS was around someone who found it titillating to share porn with his buddies at the swim meet.... doesnt mean hes become an addict himself. And he did tell you about it! Maybe you could give him back the phone, ask him to explain the dik pic comments? (And let him know that you can see everything in his messages if you want to.)
    (I also love being able to see where DS is by “wheres my iphone” app. Its a tracking device!)
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    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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    The wasp-keeping (?) suit sounds priceless!

    Wasps and hornets are everywhere here and we can't avoid them. It is the worst place I have every lived with those demons with wings. Ugh. Here they even make nests in the ground. I have known people who have stepped on them when hiking.

    We are starting school this week. I start teaching next week and want to get our routine down before I am adding more students to my schedule. And I am doing this will managing too many meetings this week.

    We are going to the city to check out a museum exhibit in a couple of weeks. We don't go nearly often enough. It's two hours away so it takes planning for us to go. The exhibit is on mythological creatures, so I want to use that as a foundation for some exploration.

    It will complement our Dungeons & Dragons, as we are teaching our child how to play. He loves RPG video games, so we thought we would go old school. There are active D&D groups in town some even family friendly, so I am hoping to get him playing and doing something other than video games.

    Rebecca, I am so glad that people are showing up for support. I am so upset, I can't talk about it.

    Luv2hs - I understand your pain. I finally gave in for a phone, so my kid can have a little more freedom. Pay phones are gone, so there are very few ways for him to get a hold of me if there is a problem. Also, we do not have a landline, so if I wanted to leave him home alone, there was no way he could call me. So I got a $25 pay as you go phone, with no bells and whistles. He can text and phone me. There is some data, but it is so little, that if he uses it, it will be gone in a flash and that will be that and the phone will still have tons of text and minutes left. I also got a cheap one so if it is lost, stolen, or used as a skipping stone across the river, no major loss.

    Misuse is my concern too. I keep all of the digital devices when not in use. They are turned off and placed in their chargers. I also have lock-down times on them, so if DS gets an idea that he wants to use them in the middle of the night, they won't work. Though that has not been a problem.
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    Luv2HS – if it is any consolation, my younger brother at a much younger age than your DS was downloading stuff on our computer onto CDs to give to kids at his school. I found it in the history on the browser, and he got into huge trouble. However, he has grown up to be a pretty nice adult.
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    Yuck to all the wasps! I got stung for the first time ever a couple of years ago and man did it hurt, and then I had some sort of delayed allergic reaction to it and got a big itchy rash in a large area all around the sting site for a couple of weeks.
    New Zealand-based. DD 11 (year 6 [NZ system]) homeschooled, and DD 6 (year 1 [NZ system]) who is currently trying out public school.

    Freelance copyeditor, specializing in scientific text, who will make mistakes in my posts (I don't self-edit).

    That's a kea (NZ parrot) in my avatar. You can learn about them on Beak & Brain - Genius Birds from Down Under on Netflix.

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    I am just tired. So much to do and so little time, and winter is really start to wear me down. I need my sunshine and warmer days.

    There is a one day school for "gifted" kids (I know some people don't like that term) in our city, and I recently found out that I can apply for DD to go as a homeschooler. I just have to pay the school donation as well as the parent donation. So it would be $1800 US for the year for one day a week (four terms of 10 weeks each in the year). And I just keep going round and round in circles trying to decide if it would be good for her or not, or if I could do other things for her with that $. She would have to be there at 8.30 am every day. These days she is barely dressed and eating her breakfast at 8.30 am. She would also have to be there in the full on school environment over lunch break, which is not something she would enjoy. And I just don't know if what they offer in terms of the curriculum is really any better than what she gets at home. The benefits for me would be a break, although not that long once I have driven the 30 min each way to get her there and home again. So I might have 4 h. But a break for me, and a break for DD6 if she is homeschooling again then. Also, DD11 would get to hang out with some other kids, but would that be beneficial for her or would she be better off starting another after school activity. And there are so many other things that need done with that $ (orthodontist for DD11, clinical pysch for DD11, we are trying to save for an electric car and various house renovations like double glazed windows).

    Anyway, the application is due in 2 days, and then they have a selection workshop. The application in itself is driving me nuts because it requires a lot of work. Anyway, that is what my brain is like right now, round and round and round...
    New Zealand-based. DD 11 (year 6 [NZ system]) homeschooled, and DD 6 (year 1 [NZ system]) who is currently trying out public school.

    Freelance copyeditor, specializing in scientific text, who will make mistakes in my posts (I don't self-edit).

    That's a kea (NZ parrot) in my avatar. You can learn about them on Beak & Brain - Genius Birds from Down Under on Netflix.

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