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Thread: Roll Call, 7/31

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    Thank you Alexsmom! have made a lot of good points and given me food for thought. DH was more concerned with the deceit and also feels phone should be returned but without the gaming options. Thank you again
    Kids are so much more than a test score.
    Qualities not measured by a test: creativity, persistence, curiosity, humor, self-discipline, empathy, humility and so many more!

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    OMG, that is wild. I know you didn't mean to be funny but you made me laugh and I needed it. I am relieved and happy to hear he is a pretty nice adult. Your post has calmed the hell out of me. I feel like everything is going to be okay. Sometimes, I think I get tunnel vision and can't talk myself down from DEFCON 5. In my mind, this leads to something else, and soon I am looking at a future where I am visiting him in prison. A part of me knows I am being ridiculous, but I am so "lost and hurt" I go down a terrible rabbit hole. Thank you!
    Kids are so much more than a test score.
    Qualities not measured by a test: creativity, persistence, curiosity, humor, self-discipline, empathy, humility and so many more!

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    " I have known people who have stepped on them when hiking. "

    Mariam, that is positively terrifying. I didn't know they could nest in the ground. I know some types of carpenter bees do that, but only the females can sting and only will if they feel threatened. I wonder if the warming temps are conducive to more wasps? I have noticed a lot more here--and I am on an island. This is also the hottest summer I can recall in at least 15 years. ??
    Kids are so much more than a test score.
    Qualities not measured by a test: creativity, persistence, curiosity, humor, self-discipline, empathy, humility and so many more!

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    Oh, that is a super tough one. I can relate to going round and round a decision of this type. It is so hard to know "what is right". I don't know if this will help or not but sometimes breaking it down "to the hour" vs. looking at the whole sum gives a situation a different view. The 1800 is basically for 40 days, which is $45 per day, which, if it is an 8 hour school day, works out to about $5.60 per hour. So, the question is, is $22.40 an amount you are willing to part with for 4 hours of a break DD? You can get a lot done with 6 year old in 4 hours as far as schooling and alone time with can also go for a walk or do absolutely nothing and enjoy quiet time if no one is home. You might be "recharged" enough for the week because I know at this point 4 hours probably will feel downright luxurious with just yourself. And, just to play devil's advocate, if you have to pay for the whole program in full, is it an amount you can get refunded prorated or are you just out of the money if DD doesn't like it? I hope this didn't make it worse! Hugs.

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    @NZ - I think one day a week of activity with peers wouldnt be bad for her. And dont expect too much out of their curriculum! It would be a day of respite from each other. Unless it is really hard for her to be up at that hour, it isnt exactly cruelty.
    It is two hours of driving a day... unless you spend the day with DD6 in the area (and could probably meet her for lunch), doing schoolwork or not.
    I shuttled DS13 to the charter every thursday, and it felt like an hour round trip each way, but he really enjoyed it, and I could always use the break from him. :0
    She might make friends, find something inspiring, learn something that she hasnt been able to pick up from you, or be appreciative that she doesnt have to get up and be ready to go to school in the early morning each day.

    Whichever way you decide, it wont be catastrophic!
    Homeschooling DS13, DS6.


    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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    Thanks all for your different views on it. It really helped. I put in the application so will see how it goes. She will still need to do a selection workshop. Then based on the application and workshop results the independent assessor will recommend students to the school, and then the school will decide who they select.
    NZ homeschoolers (school year runs start Feb to mid Dec).
    DD 12 (year 7) and DD 7 (year 2).
    Fourth year homeschooling.
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Roll Call, 7/31