My girls were shocked when we went into Target and they had the back to school stuff out. Then they were talking to friends about vacation plans and mentioned we're going to San Diego on August 12 and their friends all start school that day! Crazy

We usually try to finish up workbooks or kits over the summer. We'll also try out new things that they may want to do like math. Honestly it seems like every year we change math for each of them.

Its been hot here which hampers our hiking plans but we're doing a group cosplay of steampunk Alice in Wonderland in April so we've been sewing. We have Alice, the white rabbit, the hatter and the Cheshire Cat to make. Naturally one of my girls wants everything to be "historically accurate" which leads to long discussions of how historically accurate you can expect steampunk to be and what exactly would change other than sewing gears to everything and wearing your corset on the outside. fun times. LOL