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Thread: Roll Call, 4/23

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    And on the cookbooks we have had from the library recently:
    Cairo Kitchen: Our rating = great. Lots of very similar recipes to Zaitoun (the Palestinian recipe book we tried recently), which had DD10 confused ("but they [Egypt and Palestine] are so far apart!" she insisted even after I pointed them out on a map). Could do with more pictures but the recipes we have tried have been really yummy.

    The School Year Survival Cookbook: Our rating = great. We have a bunch of recipes we would like to try from this. They look really yummy but I am not sure how the actual recipes turn out because we have not tried them yet. Most of the mains are meat-based so not for us, but they look yummy too. I see it has poor reviews on Amazon because people think kids would not eat these foods. My kids think it all looks delicious.

    Clean Bakery Wholesome and Nourishing Recipes for New Zealanders: Our rating = poor. Just reading this book and looking at the pictures makes me feel like the type of ill you feel after you have eaten too much rich food. And that is even before trying the recipes! The author says she came up with these recipes to get over health issues (pre-diabetes) but they are just all so rich. You can make treat foods without making them so ridiculous. I have been baking low sugar and dairy free versions of cakes, muffins, cookies etc for so long and none of them are as rich as the stuff in this book, yet they are perfectly tasty and satisfying for any cravings. We have only tried one recipe from this book (for very thick, cinnamon, sweetened socca or chickpea flour crepes. They are referred to as doughnuts in the book) and had to adapt it halving the amount of sugar, oil, vanilla, and cinnamon. Wondering if this lady has some weak tastebuds. But it was a good recipe once we adapted it and have used it again.
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    Hi y'all! Looks like Roll Call is back! I've missed it.

    Things are humming along here. Just trying to get some garden time in, but have been so busy with all sorts of drama (not even ours) and trying to squeeze things in. Finally finished our taxes, which I started in April.

    Went to Imaginology at the OC Fairgrounds. In case you don't know what this is, it's a series of buildings and tents with all sorts of science, art, farm and technology activities for the kids to do. We saw robot competitions, blacksmithing, farm animals and vegetable gardens, etc. DS and I played a game of floor checkers. I beat him mercilessly because he had trouble visualizing his moves on such a large scale.

    Finally saw the Pompeii exhibit on its last weekend at the Ronald Reagan Library. They had half a dozen casts of men, women and children in various postures at the moment of death. It was sobering.

    My in-laws called from MI and said they had to postpone their trip because of health issues while I was in the middle of moving heavy furniture to accommodate them. Well, the heavy furniture got moved. I was forced to get rid of a lot of stuff, and now am in the process of setting up my sewing room in the study. Things are looking better. I have way too many dolls waiting for me to restore. I really need to get them out of my house.

    We also had some drama at the estate sale we were holding for the friend who passed away. One of his expensive original paintings went missing. His closest friend (who organized the sale) called the police and a number of galleries to report it missing. Well, the next day, it mysteriously turns up in the same place as the last painting against the wall. It was very weird.

    NZ Mama: Your phrase "weak tastebuds" made me laugh. Funny how everyone's tastes are different, especially regarding sweetness and decadence. I also say less is more.

    Hope everyone has a great rest of the month!
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    Roll Call, 4/23
    Heres my blackberry, blueberry, and kiwi berry barrels (with classy vertical planter in the middle!), fairly unprotected from the dog and cat. I bought the kiwi berry last year, and it didnt produce any fruit (in addition to being dug up). The cultivar claims that it will self pollinate, so I dont need a separate male and female plant. We will see.

    The house side has the three baby citrus trees and my two little raised beds. Protected by a classy wire dog crate. The dog would otherwise run through there to get at lizards sunning themselves on the house.

    One day, I hope to get more areas set up and productive. When I grow up, I suppose!
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    Lovely garden Alexsmom :-) Do you find that having everything upside down like that increases production? I can see how the lizards stay put but how on earth did you train the dog to walk upside down like that? lol I'm kidding of course. I really miss citrus trees, it's just not quite warm enough for them here in zone 7B and I don't have any protected place to overwinter them. Someday I would love to have a greenhouse with citrus trees. :-)

    I'm currently making pepper spray to put on my flower pots tomorrow night. They have been dug up by what I suspect are raccoons...twice. grrrr I have no idea what they think is in there... tiny wildflower and snapdragon seeds and potting soil. That's it! They haven't been out long enough for bugs or worms even! They don't seem to be eating the flower sprouts either, just scattering them with the soil, sigh.

    We've been...busy around here. Dh had another spinal tap, meds don't seem to be working as his pressure was still high despite 2 months of meds to try and bring it down. Ds is being 6yo and is very good at it, lol. He's enjoying a break from most school work while the weather is nice enough to be outside all day without being cold and windy or hot and miserably humid. I've been trying to keep him reading everyday but he is being a little turkey about it. I have to keep reminding myself that my older boys were the same way when they were six but they can read just fine now and even read for pleasure despite fighting me on it when they were six.

    We are trying to get lots of outdoor stuff done, or as much as we can. We were given some wood for building a chicken house so hopefully we will get chickens this summer like I've promised ds every summer for like the last 3 summers. I've been looking into goats next after chickens. We are finally starting to see some of the homesteading stuff we've talked about for years coming together. So that's kind of exciting.

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Roll Call, 4/23