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    Default Monday Roll Call, 10/30 - Halloween edition

    It's Halloween tomorrow!! It's been a few years since my own kids devised costumes and went trick-or-treating. We usually headed into "town" and picked one subdivision to visit in addition to stopping in at the grandparents.

    In 16 years, no one has come to our door. However, we've had a couple of families with younger kids move in nearby (think within a 1/2 mile radius--we live in the country-ish), so maybe we'll have a few. If not, dh and I will get to eat all the candy!! (We only buy one bag though.)

    Are your kids trick-or-treating this year? What costume are they wearing? Do you go to a Halloween party? Trunk-or-treat events? A local high school year did a special needs trunk-or-treat, so that was cool. I hear the high school students were really good with the kids.

    For those of you staying home and handing out candy, how much do you go through? How many of you leave the lights out and hide?? (Guilty as charged some years....)

    What else is new and noteworthy, or otherwise, for you?

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    We get a TON of trick or treaters!! we usually go through 2 Costco bags... BUT this year it will be COLD (in the 20's)... AND we live at the end of a cul-de-sac... and its on a weeknight... and our neighborhood hasn't quite made the switch to newer families with little kids... we have original homeowners to out community and those kids are in high school OR in College... SO I won't be surprised if we don't get as many as we have in years past.
    I hope everyone has a fun night no matter what they do

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    We never know how many kids we will have. We don't live in a large neighborhood but there are tons of drop-offs and drive-bys. We give out big candy bars and play-doh (but I couldn't find the play-doh this year). One year I bought the snack sized bars and some kids actually complained I bought for 175 and am hoping we will have less and I can return unopened boxes to Costco. If I run out I used to run to CVS but this year I will turn off the lights. We've lived here 25 years and I sort of wish I could hide in the basement and skip this year; but I would feel bad. Each year there are more houses with the lights out. I think our neighborhood is starting to transition from those who have lived here over twenty years and have grown children and new families moving in with younger children.

    My children haven't gone door to door for a few years; they want to go with other kids but had no one to go with. They typically dress up and help me hand out candy. Last year my son stayed inside, i gave him a pile of candy and he played video games. He wants to do the same this year. My daughter is going to my sister's house to trick-or-treat with her cousin and her friends.

    The kids will carve pumpkins tomorrow.
    They decorated the inside of the house weeks ago. I am glad they still enjoy doing that.
    They had two friends and two cousins over Saturday night and it was really nice. It wasn't a Halloween party, just a Halloween get-together. It was supposed to be a movie night but no one wanted to watch a scary movie. So they ate, played Apples to Apples, went outside for Ghost in the Graveyard, then decided to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a last minute thing but turned out great.

    My daughter is dressing up like a Hogwarts student. She's worn the costume quite a bit - like HP's birthday, and just for fun (don't know why people think she is weird)
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    The houses in my neighborhood are far apart, so we hardly get any kids. I think the most we've ever had is 5 groups. Most people turn the lights off or go to other neighborhoods. We trick-or-treat in a nearby neighborhood where the people go all out on decorations and candy.

    DS is going to be a zombie, and DD a vampire. I 'inspired' them to pick easy costumes by offering to pay for $20 worth of stuff, anything beyond that, they could buy themselves.

    The past few weeks have been really busy with life stuff and school has been all over the place. This week is nice and mellow. I have high hopes of getting a lot of school done.

    Hope everyone has a great week!
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    The kids say they want to trick or treat until they are 18; so, away we go tomorrow. We don't really do it in our neighborhood--we go about 3mi away to a neighborhood that always decorates and "gets into it". We have asked a couple of friends to join us--we'll see if they do. Hubby is "Chinese Take-out", I will be the Queen of Hearts, dd wil be "Morina" from a book called the Land of Stories (we had to put this together ourselves), and ds will be an alien with a tunic type outfit. We leave candy out for kids on a table that has our carves pumpkins, etc. Last year was the first year we got cleaned out. We suspect it was probably just a couple of kids. It was the first year we had a huge bowl of blow-pops. We were all so happy we actually got trick or treaters.
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    Our community (city wide) is a bit anti Halloween in some aspects. I get that we are in totally the wrong season for it all, but we still like it because we enjoyed it in San Diego. A local museum did a Halloween thing for a few years, but I am not sure if they are this year. The thing that has got most popular in terms of attendance is this 'light' party that is run as a 'positive/safe/healthy alternative to Halloween' by a Christian group that don't make it obvious that is who they are. We went once when we did not realize what it was, but have not been back. Apparently this year costumes were even banned. I like the dressing up part of Halloween! Also the decorating, and I like to talk to my kids about the day of the dead. I would not care if they just ran it as some random thing. However, that they do it as this 'alternative' to Halloween like they are saying Halloween is a bad thing, when they have probably never experienced Halloween in the US (which I found to be quite a positive community thing), it just annoys me!

    My youngest went off to preschool this morning dressed as a purple cat. They did not say kids could go dressed up, but I don't really care, if she wants to, she can. The older one is dressing up as a bird for her dance class this afternoon, the teacher said they could dress up if they wanted.

    Otherwise that is about all we will do. I will get the kids some treats to have at home, and I was thinking of making some sort of pie for dessert. I can't do pumpkin as its not the right time of year and there are no local pumpkins available in the store. So maybe something chocolatey.

    We probably won't get any trick or treaters as we live up a really steep drive that puts people off, but I will have a few things just in case.

    We are having a spell of great weather and its so good. I get really bad SAD, so am loving the sun right now.

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    I loved Halloween as a kid, but my two boys (especially the oldest) were absolutely terrified of it (probably due to their autism and SID) until three or four years ago. When they were under 10 or so, I could not even go to the grocery store with them because all the decorations were too scary. My husband and I used to have them "trick or treat" in our house with them going from room to room to find us and get their treat. They are finally able to handle the costumes, decorations, etc that come with the holiday.

    Our neighborhood has no rhyme or reason to how many kids come to our door. One year it will be 50 kids, and the next year it will be 2. We'll just have to wait and see!

    Whatever Halloween looks like in your corner of the woods, I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!

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    This is our first year in this neighborhood. Our neighbor said they go through 8 bags of candy and the decorations around us are pretty impressive. My husband decided to set up an adult tent in the cul de sac and spent last night making jell-o shots with "brains" - they turned out pretty cool. It is supposed to only get to 45 so we will see what happens due to cold. We live very close to the elementary school so I think that is why we get so many kids. At least the jack-o-lanterns won't rot in a day and we will be able to enjoy them for a while. Enjoying the fall weather!
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    We live out in the country, so no one ever comes to our house - there is no need to even have any candy.

    The girls will dress up and we will go to an open-air shopping mall where there will be horse-carriage rides, reptile petting zoo, and tons of people to costume-watch. We do not trick-or-treat though since we do not eat any of the hard candy, and no one gives out 'real' chocolates or tasty home-made treats that we would eat.
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    Monday Roll Call, 10/30 - Halloween edition
    The neighborhood adjacent to ours goes all out - smoke machines, animatronic zombies coming out of leaf piles, cackling cauldrons, you name it. The kids always head there to get their loot. We live on a commercial block so we don't get many kids at the door. We did make a painting for the door last night though.20171031_091850.jpg

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Monday Roll Call, 10/30 - Halloween edition