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    Hi All! We've been busy with garden, yard and house stuff for awhile (also, Boy had scout camp for a week, my parents visited for 2 weeks, then Girl had scout camp for a week - bing, bing, bing). Hubs has the kids down at the fairgrounds to enter their stuff for this year's fair - Boy is entering a comic book he did, and Girl is entering a doll she made from scratch. We've been working on catching up on math all summer, much to the kids' dismay. Hubs kind of took over for a bit, which gave me a needed break. Now I'm back to getting ready to do school. Girl will be in 8th grade, and has decided to try the Oak Meadow curriculum. I have no idea if this will work, since we've not done Oak Meadow before. The last put-together curriculum we tried was MBtP, in 3rd grade. We got the OM stuff used, though, for a smoking deal, and she seems motivated. We shall see. I'm cobbling something together for the Boy, who will be in 6th. He wants to investigate how professionals go about creating comic books, which I'm thinking I can use parts of for language arts and art. For science, he's interested in finding out about space exploration, specifically whatever plans exist for exploring Mars. Hmmmmm. Astronomy, engineering, physics . . . what to do, what to do . . . . ScienceGeek - I'm pretty sure he'll be interested in your son's project/blog.

    Mommy to Girl-13 and Boy-11, trying to keep my head above water with farm, school, home and art.

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    Boys are busy helping us around the house.
    Another Friday eve of cleaning out garage. That makes 3 weekends in a row. And we have bagged the yuck. Loaded the van with thrift store donations and taken them Sat. morning.
    My bags of bags will once again be dropped at grocery store tomorrow. I swear those suckers multiply.
    Today was finally getting the last of the garden in. Better late than never I guess.
    Youngest and DH finished the bench for around the pond. Now I can sit and dip my feet if I want. Might have lived in the city a long time, but this country girl can still pretend she is down at the creek, soaking her feet.
    Oldest trimmed the hedge(giant laurel hedge the length of our lot) and we both pulled a ton of nightshade that was invasive from neighbors yard.
    I was less daycare kids most of last week, so I used the time wisely and cleaned house. Still doing it, but getting better. Mucked out a lot for the thrift store.
    Sister in law and nieces are coming up to visit this coming week, and full house of kiddos... so busy week ahead.
    And one of my parents is asking for me to stay open later hours a couple nights a week, for more pay. BUT I would have to provide dinner for these 2 kids, one of who has allergies which I deal with for breakfast and lunch already.... trying to decide if I want to or not. AND if I do, to make it worth my while.
    Boys are off to hang with friends tomorrow and play RISK for hours!!LOL
    And that is about it from me....
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    Me and my littles are visiting my folks in Eastern Oregon. We visited the John Day Fossil Beds then made some salt dough "fossils" of our own. They turned out great! I'm going to make DS a fossil memory game to continue with the theme. We are staying through the month to view the eclipse and visit with more family that are coming.
    I was up way too late reading.....I'm just starting out with homeschooling so I'm trying to plan and find support and resources. It's daunting, but exciting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BakedAk View Post
    For science, he's interested in finding out about space exploration, specifically whatever plans exist for exploring Mars.
    Your son might enjoy these. (I haven't seen the show or read the book; my son loved both)...
    My son watched a show last year that he really liked - he's been hoping there will be another season this fall. It is called 'Mars' and was on the National Geographic channel. My son described it as part tv show and part documentary. MARS - National Geographic Channel

    He also read a fictional book about Mars last month. He really liked it and is hoping it will become a series. Last Day on Mars (Chronicle of the Dark Star)
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    We are hosting my mom (from Oregon) and my grand-mother (92 y.o., who lives with my aunt in northern CA) and my uncle this week. We are in food preservation mode too. Pitted a case of cherries, snapped a box of green beans and blanched broccoli for the freezer. Made a bing cherry cobbler and homemade ice cream for desert last night - lovely! Peaches, tomatoes and corn are on the list for processing today. Beef ribs are in the crock pot and I'm thinking more ice cream needs to be on the menu - with peaches!

    My mom has taken over reading the Magic Tree House series to the kids and DD found a wet milk soaked rag near the barn that had maggots under it. She rejected my retching, explaining that it is just nature and we had a good biology lesson on larvae and pupa. DD collected some pupae to observe the flies emerge.

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