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    Default Monday Roll Call, 3/13

    It's mid-March, and it seems like at least a third of the country is under snowfall today and tomorrow!! We woke up to 2-3 inches here, but it seems to be tapering off now. Headed out in it at 9 am to get ds to the dentist; roads were hit or miss. I'll grab both kids after lunch to help me shovel the driveway--what spring break fun for the two of them!!

    It's been great to have them home from college for a bit, though, even if they are studying most of the time. Dinner conversations have been hilarious! Ds and I will go bowling later this week, dd and I are going to the Art Institute in Chicago on Saturday, and the two of them are headed out hiking sometime this week. I think they are also planning to go to lunch at the restaurant in town where they both worked for 3 years in high school--see old working friends. (And I think ds may ask for a summer job if he doesn't get an internship instead.)

    And for the poster who was worried about homeschoolers and dating, ds has found a really nice girlfriend on campus. She seems hardworking (goes to school full-time and has two part time jobs) and is sufficiently nerdy for him (met while playing D & D). She makes him happy, which is all a parent can ask for.

    What is planned today or this week for you?

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    inmom- Sounds like a great spring break, even with the snow. Nice dating story too, (D&D is a big part of our lives )

    We are off to a slow start. After many weeks of monumental rain, spring has sprung and we are all suffering for it. Allergies! I had a major attack yesterday and I am still feeling horrible. Major brain fog. Today is bathroom scrubbing and bed stripping day. I am caught up on batch cooking. Middle kids have logic and elements to work on today. Little ones- reading time. Oldest ones- presidential history, writing, and math. If we have time we will play some new math games I found. It is a stay at home day. The rest of the week we have a pretty normal schedule, karate, internship, volunteering, waiting for our washer delivery, continuing with their daily studies. We are going to try out our new streaming subscription to The Great Courses this week, so many good things to dive into! Oldest 2 have a trip to San Fransisco next weekend to prepare for. Hope everyone has a great day. I am off to drag my butt to the treadmill, it is a 3 mile run day, hoping it will help clear up the brain fog!
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    Since we've all been sick, we've had a break from school and I've let the kitchen table get cluttered. My desk is also a mess. As much as I'd like to jump right back into school today I know it's not going to happen. I am hoping to just get some cleaning done this week. Get the table fully cleared off and maybe get some more things off my desk. I need to majorly reorganize my studio too. I have overloaded one supply box with just too much stuff so I need to reorganize my supplies, and closet and everything. The downstairs is a higher priority though because I can't get school started if we have no space to do it in.
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    Hmmmm the mom with the kids only visiting seems to have the most fun! Something inspirational to look forward to.
    We are recovering from assorted illnesses here, and oh that Monday after time change! Once our morning lessons get done (only just started now that we are back from therapy), I will attempt to tackle folding laundry, in preparation for washing more.
    But my herbs are all planted in our little garden! Im so looking forward to dill! And not planting oregano and thyme in same container with mint.... lol the things we have to learn through experience!

    I hope the people with snow are enjoying it! Im loving our weather thats pleasant to be out in.
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    This is our last week of our quarter, and I'm looking at two weeks off of school while our activities chug along. I want to do some field trips and a lot of gardening! We'll conclude with a mini road trip for M2's fifth birthday, and then start up again while most of the local schools go on break.

    I recently finished the first module of an online course, and I'm hoping to continue through the spring and finish the whole thing be early summer. P, for reasons I do not fully grok, has begun looking at renovating our Airstream, while some of our house projects are languishing a bit. So I may begin tackling the bathroom once I'm done with the M's bedroom and the living room.

    Today though, I want to clean the bathroom and get the couch covers switched out. And then catch up on email.
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    Bffs have been here since Saturday and we've been going nonstop. Jump parks, amusement parks, grass parks, pools, plays. I'm pretty sure we will be taking more than a week off - we are gonna need a break from our spring break . We just got back from an soda shop - carne asada fries with crema and guacamole followed by ice cream tacos. It is time for a nap!
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Monday Roll Call, 3/13