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    Default Tuesday Roll Call 1/10

    I'm still sick, saw a doctor yesterday. Apparently I have a sinus infection again. I can't just get a cold it has to move on to something more. Teemie had a fever last night and a lower one this morning so I'm keeping an eye on her. The opening of that Latin market we went to was actually an open house, last we checked they were hoping to be open today. We may go check it out later. They gave out some really excellent tacos, and Tepache with chili sauce on the rim of the cup. They also had a popcorn machine. The store wasn't quite full yet but it looks like they'll have a butcher in the back, and I'm excited to check out the produce section once it's full. Their other location had a review talking about how great the produce section is.

    We're still on our school break sort of. I'm going to load up a new audio book and maybe work on reading the read aloud today. So we'll be getting something done. I also realized I need to add foreign language into the schedule. We've completely forgotten about it and have been slacking.
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    Riceball_Mommy, I'm sorry your are sick. Sinus infections can be horrible.

    I have a slight headache today; probably caused by our extreme weather changes today. We went from really cold to really warm. There is a strong wind from the feels like spring weather instead of January.

    I'm, sort of, trying to get the kids out of bed. They will stay in bed all day reading(dd) and listening to audio books(ds). I've finally come to accept the fact that my children prefer night school. So, I am getting things done instead of nagging them. In the past, I've wanted them to get their school stuff done so I can do my 'stuff'. I'm not sure why I resisted this reverse schedule for so long. Their to-do list is on the table and will be there when they decide to get to work.

    Sunday we borrowed the Great Courses on mythology from the library to use in the car. We've never used one of these courses before but so far my daughter seems to like it. She started a volleyball class that is 50 minutes away. I am hoping to make good use of the drive time.

    My son has guitar in two hours so he has to get up and shower by then .
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    RBM I hope you feel better soon!

    DBSAM, Ive been doing the same thing putting my errands on hold until schoolwork is done, for worry that the disruption would end all productive schooling going on. Im trying to let go of that, and am not sure how successful I am. If DS cant concentrate on his schoolwork after we go to the grocery store, thats going to be his problem, not mine.
    I dont nag or argue with other people I care about, Im tired of doing it with him.
    DS has spent a good 2+ hours this morning watching Horrible Histories - his "assignment" is to write the main ideas of three skits. Each skit is only a couple minutes long, and Ive written down the time into the series that the pertinent skits take place... so I figure thats alao not my problem. I gave him a reminder, so now *shrug* Im determined to get on with my day. Internets to browse, laundry to fold, minecraft villages to make.
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    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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    Oh no! Hope you're able to kick that soon.

    Alexsmom - LOL! Yeah, you can only lead them to water. Can't make them drink.

    My son told me this morning that he only wants to do math for now on. Not sure where this came from since he's never seemed to have an issue with other subjects. Yay kids....

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    Feel Better Riceball_Mommy

    The afternoon work is interesting. Maybe it's because mine are only 8 BUT they shut down at 3:00 no matter how little (or a lot) we do It kind of stinks because if we meet up for something "home school fun" mid day... the lights go out at 3. EVEN if I have a nice talk about it before hand.

    2nd day of new math did not go as awesome as yesterday BUT I have a sneaky feeling they were up LATE reading and lack the ability to sleep in... Tues are laundry days so I should get back to that while they do LA instead of my computer (I honestly just sat down to log what we are doing today and 20 min later )

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    Still waiting on one book (Boy's science text), so we began a quick unit on bears from Acorn Naturalists. Got it used, and some of the components are missing, but nothing major.

    Math went better today, for both of them (and me).

    Grammar done in 5 minutes flat.

    They are now both playing with Legos, combining elements of the story of Joan of Arc and a Redwall book. Gotta love how everything they learn comes out again in play. Even at 10 and 12!

    Riceball Mommy - feel better soon! And fingers crossed that Teemie's fever is just her body efficiently burning out whatever bug she might have.

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    weather is weird. Last weekend we had highs in the high 20's, and by Thursday we are having highs in the 70's. It's driving my sinuses nuts and giving me such massive headaches.

    Tomorrow is Tech's first attendance at the local Zoo Homeschool Academy classes. I'm SO hoping it goes well. He hasn't attended anything without us since pre-k and that was a disaster of epic proportions. Ironically, it's DH who has been putting off Tech's attending things. He even insists that we don't go further than a mile from the zoo tomorrow jic there is a problem with Tech. Of course, he was the one who mostly took Tech to pre-k and dealt with the crying jags, while I picked him up. I'm beginning to think that might have affected poor DH more than I thought. I've been pushing for the zoo classes for a year now, and he used the excuse that we lived an hour away. Now we live 15 minutes from the zoo, and he was still putting it off. So I just enrolled Tech this week for this month's program and told DH we were at least going to try it out. Tomorrow will be interesting. So today, is mostly going to be preparing Tech for tomorrow (mentally at least).

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    I woke up feeling a bit better today, definitely less pressure. Teemie seems to be doing a lot better too. I recently had to accept a later school day. Start in the afternoon and hopefully finish before dinner. Teemie has started to take on my husband's schedule. She likes staying up late at night spending time with him, so she sleeps later. It was hard to get myself adjusted. So much tells us kids are supposed to wake up in the morning do school during the day and be done by 3. I had my therapist tell me I shouldn't let her stay up late, so that didn't help either. I'm not seeing her anymore, for a different reason but really that should have been the one. I wasn't there to have my parenting questioned. I feel pretty confident with that.
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    RM, as a natural night owl who fought with days for 2 decades, thank you for realizing that not all ppl like mornings. Or can do them. Doctors thought I had a sleep disorder for 2 decades as I didn't sleep more than 4 hours a night. When I moved out on my own, my first job living on my own was a night job. And suddenly, I was sleeping 8 hours a day. It was literally life changing!

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