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    Default Friday Roll Call, 11/18

    Good Morning
    These crazy busy days can stop anytime now.
    Today, DH to work. Home, dishes, laundry, shower. Out to bank, then groceries, dollar store, Walmart, other grocery store. HOPE I get it all done before I have to go back and get DH at work-early. He has an MRI on knee and ankle today. Then finish whatever I didn't get done. THEN hit the mall for Xmas gift cards to take down.

    Tomorrow, DH and oldest DS are riding the bus so DS can see what bus, what route, where to get off for jury duty Monday/Tuesday. Youngest DS and I will go to IKEA. Finish any other places I need to get to.

    Need to remember to stop at meat market for lunchmeat for DS to make him lunches.
    And somewhere in all that we need to get chicken feed and clean out the chicken pen.

    Angry at SIL right now. No word at all yesterday to either myself or my Mom. We both PM'd her. Nothing this morning either. And my brother hasn't been online since emergency back surgery last week, before this got really bad....... I know she is busy but while you are sitting there, take 5 min. and send a PM to at least one of us. Not hearing, makes us think BAD THINGS.

    And that is my day. And my weekend. I am going to bed early tonight, sleeping in. Long week next week, so try to catch-up before it starts.

    Have a FANTASTIC Friday and an even better weekend everyone!!! (((HUGS)))
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    Friday Roll Call, 11/18
    So very happy to be picking up DD today for Thanksgiving break. She takes a bus from Iowa City to a mall just outside Chicago. Thankfully (see what I did there??) it turns an 8-9 hour driving day to a 2.5 hour driving day. She will be home for AN.ENTIRE.WEEK. We've not seen her since August. In fact, this will be only the third full week of 2016 she's been home. Then we pick up her brother from Purdue on Tuesday. They always make each other laugh, so it will be so nice to have them both home at the same time, even if most of what they do is homework and study.

    This weekend DD and I will make some homemade egg noodles. She and DH are also making mini pies, just for fun. Living in a dorm, she misses working in a kitchen. She's part of a cooking club, but they only meet twice a month. DS and I will head to the local YMCA to show each other just how bad at racquetball each of us are. Hopefully we will leave with only a few bruises and scrapes.

    DD got an opportunity to hear Lois Lowry speak on campus this week. She and her friends not only also got autographs, but took a photo with her as well. Mine is the short haired short girl just to the left of Ms. Lowry. This semester DD also got to hear Rick Riordan and Roxanne Gay speak. Ms. Gay even took the time to critique some of DD's writing. U of Iowa is definitely the right place for my daughter.

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    Yay Carol! ENJOY your time with your big kids!
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    Inmom, That's great about about the wonderful opportunities your daughter is getting to me writers. I can't even think that far ahead,

    Aandwsmom, that crazy that she hasn't given you an update. I'm sorry all you can do now is worry. That is terrible, especially on top of all the prep you have to do.

    I'm happy I waited to take a photo of my last drawing after all. Last night I was looking at the last photo while trying to think of a title and I noticed something that was wrong and needed to be changed. So I worked on it more last night. I just took the final photo. So hopefully now I'm for sure done. I'm starting to make some notes of prices and things for this sale now. I'm trying to plan out how much time I have for drawings between Dec 3 and Christmas, so if anyone wants to buy a commission I know how much I can take on. Right now I'm making a best guess and I'll have "slots" that I set aside for each side. So best worst case scenario, even with huge demand I don't bite off much more than I can chew. I'm not sure I have enough work ready, but we'll see. So far I have 15 finished pieces to bring. I could bring a few more as of right now without taking the time to create more if I would just buy more atc/aceo mats. I have 4 mats right now and 2 framed. I could probably use about 5+ more, to bring them all. It feels like a lot of that size though.
    I tried looking up diy table easels today, because I really don't want to buy a bunch but I might have to. I have one large easel I could maybe set up behind me, and put some things on there. I'd like to be able to set up a few pieces on the table though to draw people in. I'm not sure if I want price label card with the title and everything on it or not. Maybe I can put all my info on there, title, price, website, email, name. If you buy the work the card comes too. Gives you all the info. I still have a little more time to figure this out.
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    Friday Roll Call, 11/18
    Hey guys, thought I'd check in My mom is in town today. Been six months since we've seen her. The kids are excited, and DH is bizarrely motivated to get things done! Awesome. He mowed the lawn and is now installing our new outside lamps. The house is clean, and there's green tea brewing so it smells like a Chinese restaurant - which is totally my favorite.

    DS is just chugging along with his school year. We've been working slowly through Europe. The kids have really been enjoying reading and watching Madeline. Last night was hysterical. I made them masks and they played Madeline and The Bad Hat.

    Getting excited for the holidays, here. Going to decorate next week, and tree on Friday. Also totally stoked for the Gilmore Girls reunion season. My all time favorite show. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

    I'm a work-at-home mom to three, homeschool enthusiast, and avid planner fueled by lattes and Florida sunshine. My oldest is 6 and is a fircond grader (that's somewhere between first and second, naturally), my preschooler just told me she wants to learn how to read, and my toddler is a force of nature.

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    TFZ, I love the masks. And isn't a clean house a pick-me-up? Not so fun while doing it, maybe, but it certainly gives me an "ahhh, so nice" feeling when I sit down, all finished.

    Have fun with your mom!

    Homeschooled two kids for 11 years, now trying to pay it forward

    Daughter -- a University of Iowa graduate: BA in English with Creative Writing, BA in Journalism, and a minor in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies

    Son -- a Purdue University graduate: BS in Computer Science, minor in math, geology, anthropology, and history

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    Friday Roll Call, 11/18
    Hmm. I just happened to check in here today and saw this post. I tend to forget to come to this website for months on end and then am so happy it is here. Took this picture and want to caption it "Homeschooling Highschool".IMG_2610.jpg
    DD is taking an online AP Chemistry course (which has been kicking her butt all year, so I'm not sure I would recommend this), and she is trying to get her lab work done before we take off for a couple of weeks.
    It's been crazy trying to finish up classes and other obligations in town and also get a essentially two trips planned. Anything December holiday related is going to have to take a back seat for now. Thank goodness the kids are older now and it's not such a big deal.
    My husband and I are taking the Honeymoon we never had for our 20th Anniv. this year. We are leaving the kids and dog with family and going to Costa Rica for a week. I am excited and also nervous to be so far away. Also, in typical homeschool thought-mode, it would be SO educational to take them with us! Well, so we won't do that for just this trip.
    Feeling grateful it is an option and also like it might help a little with my homeschooling burn-out to just get away for a little bit. Kiddos still have to do schoolwork while we are gone (I'm so mean.)

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    Today Tech and I are just chilling. Yesterday we fixed a faucet leak in the tub, started painting the office, and continued stripping wallpaper in the hall. Tech helped with ALL of it. He also can now plug the car in all by himself! We've barely had the car a week and he knows how to get the cord out, pop the thing to open the charging port, plug into the house, plug into the car, and lock it all down. It's really fascinating to watch him do it!

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