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    Default Friday Roll Call, 11/11

    Good Morning

    Well, he made it. That is all I know.

    Will chat with him later. And then update you.

    Putzing around house today. DH is off for Veteran's Day.

    Tomorrow, might go see brother. Long drive for a short visit. We will see.

    Sunday, I am seeing SPACE JAM in theaters with my boys. We LOVE that movie and as soon as I saw it was being rereleased for 2 days..... I bought tickets.

    Have a GREAT day.... I am off to find some tylenol. Lack of sleep, tension, stress = migraine.
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    I'm happy he made it but sorry for all your stress.

    I have to get up early tomorrow, to go help out my grandmother. It's not so bad except for the getting up early part. I miss going over there and just hanging out at her house for a little while with her. I'm going to help her get her grocery shopping done too.

    We're going to start school soon. I'm starting to not mind starting school later in the day as long as I work out a good rhythm and get everything done. Trying something new where I take the last couple of sticky notes and put them on the wall. So if we take a break I have that reminder to come back and finish those few things. I need to hold up my end of our deal too and make some time for reading. Teemie won't start the new book until I'm half way through the one she just finished. I have a book I've tried to read twice now too. I should try to make more time for reading myself anyway. I have two drawings on my board, and I got permission to use a photo for a third but I really need the board for that one too. I might see if I have enough space to tape it down and start the sketch. I want to use my smoother paper so I can't just use the pad of paper I have. I think I prefer smoother paper for charcoal now, the thicker paper works really well for colored pencil or mixed media. I want that smooth surface for this new one though. I want it to be bigger too, so definitely need the board.
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    Friday Friends! I wrote a Roll Call post, and said it was sent, but not connected to internet. So somewhere out there in space is my post.

    ~School Supply Shopping!
    Another great example of why home school is paying off. No hunting the stores trying to find folders in silly colors that one teacher always wanted. Like Mocha or Fuchsia. Give me White, Red, and Blue! haha No communal supplies that will end up in a Sunday school classroom! Oh no, these glue sticks are staying home, and that goes for the tissues!

    ~You Tubing Videos
    #1 son is helping me research you tube videos on different topics we like #3 son(Ryan)to learn. Lots of short segments which works good with Ryan's attention span which can be compared to a Squirrel!

    ~School called wanting to give some tips on how to educate. I appreciated the suggestions, but shook my head wondering if they ever read my letters of concerns during the year.

    Then the school stated they were going to send a letter that they feel the reason Ryan was not learning unbder their instruction was due to medical conditions. Very odd conversation. His IEP was not due for some time, and they pop up a change of placement discussion, and wanting to know if I would agree or disagree to their position. I informed them that I would not be signing the change in placement paperwork. An independent evaluation at the district expense would be the typical response to a change in placement request, but since I am home schooling Ryan I did not see the point to follow down that path. The school stated they were just wanting to make sure things were in place if we choose to bring him back to school.

    ~Basketball is deflated
    Ryan came home last night telling me that he was cut during try outs for Basketball. The Intervention Specialist could not stress the importance of having Ryan in sports and then he gets cut. So we need to find other ways for Ryan to play basketball in surrounding communities.

    Roll Call turned into a journal entry. LOL

    HAPPY VETERAN DAY my brothers and sisters! Job well done!
    Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet...Napoleon Bonaparte

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    I got my Target order today. I had ordered a 3' inflatable for the yard. They sent me the 8' version. In order to get a replacement I have to send back the one I have, then they'll ship me a new one. But if I just order a new one now, it should be here next week. I can get it up early before it gets too cold. May grandmother may buy the current one from for the price I paid for it. I'll have to wait and see what she says tomorrow. They screwed up I shouldn't have to wait longer for them to fix it. I can't even go to the store to pick one up either because they are sold out.
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Friday Roll Call, 11/11