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    Default Monday Roll Call, 9/5

    Good Morning
    Labor Day in the US.
    I am OFF today. Boys are OFF today. DH is OFF today.

    Cleaning living room this morning while they are still in bed. Then off to work on painting the rest of our bedroom. I want it DONE and put back together.

    Got the kitchen and daycare area done Sat/Sun. it has been redone, fixed for all the new kids, ready for preschool to start tomorrow and scrubbed.

    Laundry this morning too.

    Someone might be coming today to buy one of our female ducks. We have 3 for sale. Thought we had them all sold, stupid craigslist flakes.

    Hope everyone has a GREAT day! Relax, do something fun.
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    I am home today with my free day to enjoy! My DH is gone running now and will go in to work later this afternoon for a bit to prep for the week. We took care of chores and cleaning for the most part yesterday so we can truly enjoy today.
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    We start school tomorrow. Dh and I are deciding which chores to do today. We need to paint the exterior of our house, but the summer was taken up by other projects, and we're afraid to start now because if we start we will get surprise rain squalls.

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    Good morning!
    Our second official day of school here - I told DS that labor day is for people who bring in income, he doesnt get today off.
    (We are easing into full-school, so its not as though theres more than an hour or so... math and reading and a mechanical physics project are all.)

    I made strawberry pancakes for breakfast today - thanks to DS4 seeing it on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (a reboot of Mr Rogers). He wouldnt let me sing while making them, though.

    Today I hope to get some bookshelves cleared upstairs, and move kids books from the cluttered downstairs to the the more strictly maintained upstairs shelves.
    Decluttering is about to expand from the garage! Woohoo!
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    Definitely Labor Day here...pushed mowed the lawn for 3 hours this morning. After some lunch I'll head back out to rake it. Got a little long....looks like it needs to be baled!!

    Then I'll pick what will probably be the last of the tomatoes, probably a half bushel or so. We lay them out on the sun room floor to finish ripening, so I'll probably be canning them by the end of the week.

    Finally, I'm hoping to finish cleaning and prepping the "classroom" area for my algebra class that starts Thursday. I worked up some fill-in-the blank notes to ease them into how to take notes in math. I"m hoping by week 4 or 5 or so that they won't need the crutch. We'll see.

    Enjoy the day, all!

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    We're slowly ramping up the school work, our "official" start date is 9/19. Today I'm planting a tiny fall garden, tidying up the school room, prepping some bushes for transfer, stuff like that.

    And herding cats. We adopted a cat yesterday, and she and the other two are getting acquainted. The dog introduced herself and went back to bed.
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    It is starting to feel like fall here. I was lazy and slept in.

    Yesterday was an errands day, because today is a cooking day. DH was cooking about 4 different pots of soup for us to freeze. We have about 14 meals done and in the freezer. We will spend the next week cooking up a bunch of soups and stews for the fall/winter. We should get about 3 months of meals out of it when we are done.

    This morning I was organizing topics for school. DS has agreed to start to learn Spanish, so I have been preparing lessons for us to start and setting up some apps on his table to dabble with.

    DS and I spent the morning with a science project, it was messy and involved blue food dye. Turns out DS doesn't like the goopiness, so I was using my hands to mix it. Now I have blue hands.
    Then the goop was too wet, so now it is outside drying out. It is to learn about viscosity and quicksand. We will see how it goes.

    Probably not much other progress. I will grade papers and prepare for the week of classes.
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    We are taking today off. Of course, we started back in June, the weekend was crazy, what with the con on Sunday, the kittens arriving friday (and no sleep Friday as they were so underfed they needed food every 2 hours for 24 hours). Thankfully, my sister has been looking for kittens to add to her little family (her dog LOVES cats), so they will be going to her when they are big enough, and yesterday they slept 7 full hours straight. Finally starting to look and act like 4 week old kittens!

    While looking over the Con schedule, for the first time we noticed just how much REAL information was there. "The science of star trek/star wars/firefly/farscape", "the history of space exploration", "how to build your own robot", SOOO many fun and educational things that we will be taking advantage of for Tech in the future. Even better, most of those panels are in the evening after the worst of the crush is gone, and in a separate hotel from the really wild stuff that goes on after hours.

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    Well, we got the finches into the smaller cage. 6 of them no problem. #7, Uncle Fester was a BUTT. 10 min. of herding a tiny bird. Ya, who is the idiot!LOL

    Got the boys to bring in changing table we modified to fit there and hold cage. Nice depth, too wide. Talked DH into taking apart and cutting it down. Game of Tetris, that was. But it got back together and looks great. Touched the paint up again. Only been planning this for a month+. Been painted and sitting outside for 2 weeks.

    Also had DH cut a table narrower. It is a cool old kitchen table that had a leaf. We removed leaf, shortened legs and it works great for a side table. But now that cats have a higher shelf for food..... we didn't need this as wide. Fine, try it and see. Worked great.

    Got our headboard moved and cleaned up the last of hidden puppy poop. No smell, been there so long. YUCK. Got my bookshelf in the bedroom filled, looking nice.

    Cleared out some clutter in living room. 2 plant stands we really don't need, will go on CL.

    Getting there. Was hoping to get our room painted but that didn't work. Will get to it Sat. By then, the last of small things should be caught up.

    Lots of little projects came up today, but that is fine.

    Tomorrow will be a BUSY day with kids coming back to bed I go.
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