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Id totally go to Portland. Especially if it was raining. Oh yah! Raincation!

Just before 8am today, the vet called and said Pi was ready for pickup, but their technicians were busy until 2, would I like that appointment spot?
2pm, Im there, and get my bill.... which includes nursing care until 2pm. I felt so successful getting that small portion of the bill taken off.
So now I have a happy, bouncy puppy that Im supposed to keep still for the next few weeks. Theyre called Springer Spaniels... for a reason.
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Theres the incision site, and the cone of shame.

And a new recipe for chicken and dumplings tonight - ready 1/2hr before hubby gets home. Silly me just read the overall time they suggested, not how long it actually needed for each stage.

Oh the perils of houseewifery.

Sorry your menfolk are driving you nuts A&W. Maybe you need a vacation from them? Can they all go camping or something?
I forgot about that cone of shame. Buy a nicer one if your pup will mess with the site. We had a canvas one that let my puppy sleep more comfortably. The temp ones just never last very long, ymmv.