You know that day where you get to sleep in and then it gets busy, ya... that was my day so far.

DH had to get a blood draw for his yearly next week. That meant going in late to work. Which meant we got to sleep in until 7am(vs. 5:25am).
Off to the VA which is on other side of town. Back to get him some breakfast, then down to work.
It is now 9:15am
Check online quickly.
Do chickens, catch a dying rat and toss in trash(yuck), water garden since it is going to be 95* today and boys quickly picked pears to ripen in the sun. New trick we are trying this year so they get less rotten.
THEN off to groceries.
Dollar Tree
Home with youngest DS
Grab oldest DS
Super Walmart
Gamestop - for him
Fred Meyer
Home to realize that he was given the wrong games at Gamestop because gal was too busy flirting with him!LOL
Back in the car. Thank goodness we live down street and it like 5 min. away.
Finally fixing lunch. Trying to put away the gobs of groceries. HOTTER in blazes outside. House is luckily cool thanks to AC's.
Leaving in 90 min. to get DH at work.
Run last of errands and then hopefully enjoy weekend. Working on our room, he has 3 small chores, need to pick garden and dig potatoes.

And that is my crazy day.
Sorry I never made it back here this morning to start roll call earlier.