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    I love Blick's online but haven't been to the actual store location yet. Looking at Google maps I don't think I want to though. Going into the city and then finding parking is stressful. Recently I started going to Plaza Artist Materials in Towson. I went to some figure drawing workshops there too. I love having a dedicated art store to go to now. I still buy stuff online, they didn't have my full set of Polychromos, but I got them on Amazon for a good price. Having a physical store though is extra good for buying paper. I'm starting to get a feel for what kind of texture I want/need for different media and being able to feel the different paper really helps when I want to try something new.
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    I usually do books and/or art/crafting stuff for most of the nieces and nephews. Same reason. I don't see them often and don't really care. Most of them never thank us or acknowledge, so at least I get them something that I feel isn't junk.

    I usually start buying Xmas in July.... once I find deals, I buy and set aside. Nothing so far, but we are doing it different this year. Boys are eighteen and nineteen and share a room, limited space. So think we will be doing more things like games, clothes, etc. vs. physical large stuff they don't have room for.

    As for nieces and nephews. Gift cards this year I think. Esp. for teens. Younger ones, maybe crafting stuff. Haven't even gotten in that mindset yet....
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    This year is my first real Christmas with nephews! (well, second technically, but last year he was a month old). And this year I have 2 of them! I buy awesome gifts, mostly because I buy throughout the year, watching sales and clearance ($40 toy for $15 yes thank you!) Of course, now I have to buy early because one nephew, my sister, my b-i-l, Tech, my Dad, and my f-i-l, all have birthdays between halloween and new years. it's an insane time of year for gifts so I try to get them all well ahead of time. And then I'm not broke during christmas AND i don't have to step foot in stores during the holiday season. Win/win.

    We went into Walmart and they were clearancing Infinity 3.0 figures AND more lego. And I walked out with some of each. But hey, at least I got the crayons for the pediatric hospital (the entire reason I went to walmart anyway!)

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    My family is a bunch of grinches, I guess. Years and years ago (I think even before my two kids were born) we decided to stop buying for siblings and in-laws AND for the nieces and nephews. Saves buying for about 40 people!! We use Christmas simply as a time to get together and have a potluck meal. Usually 5 or 6 of the 8 siblings' families are able to make it. Even my parents have asked us to stop buying for them, especially when they downsized. Anymore, their gifts tend to be restaurant gift cards, books, homemade jams and pickles, etc.

    Instead, some of us buy for "giving trees" or the food pantry or the children's hospital.

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    inmom, we stopped buying for all the adults YEARS ago. But, including Tech, and the two new nephews, there are a grand total of 3 kids....on both sides of our family combined. Tech was the only kid for 6 years! My parents I've bought trees 3 years running, and my Dad requests the exact same homemade candy for every single holiday. (I now have a sugar-free recipe for chocolate covered peanut butter balls btw, if anyone is interested)

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    Having a physical store though is extra good for buying paper. I'm starting to get a feel for what kind of texture I want/need for different media and being able to feel the different paper really helps when I want to try something new.
    This is exactly why I miss a physical store. One that I went to had scraps of handmade paper and I loved to go and collect random pieces for a future use.
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