Congrats on your first day, Free Thinker!

You all beat me here today We took the kids to the nature center after the baby's first nap. A strange time for us, but it worked out well. Got to see the guy with the animals.

We are doing some science this week - animal tracks. We did some rubbings today, read a book, and I've got some activities for the rest of the week. AM - I like your mega block scheduling. I'll prob go that route for art/music/science/whatever.

Mat Man was a hit. I gotta work on getting DS to be careful with his materials. He's used to just throwing stuff around. He's destructive without meaning to be. Probably has to do with his body control issues - he gets kinda ... loose? ... when he's very excited. Everywhere and all over everything. Flailing. I get impatient too easily. I'm glad he's enthusiastic, but it's super frustrating when he's stepping on stuff and throwing things around without even realizing it.

Anyway that was our day. Time to get these kids to bed before I lose my mind.