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    Default Friday Roll Call, 7/1

    TGIF everyone!
    Happy July!
    We made it to Friday.
    Weekend plans?
    Anything exciting?
    Today is grocery day. 3+ hours of zooming around getting the best deals on TONS of groceries to feed my house and the daycare kiddos for the next 2 weeks. THEN I have to come home and put it all away. I hate that part. I don't mind shopping, just hate putting it away. Tripping over bags, keeping the dogs out of the bags until I get it done, etc.
    Weekend is youngest is going to his first outdoor airsoft match. His friends have gone for a year and finally talked him into going. That is tomorrow. Other Mom is taking them, we are picking them up. Wouldn't be bad except it is 45 min. away.
    And while he is gone, rest of us are finishing the duck pen.... skunks or not. It NEEDS to get done. Poor teenage ducks are bonking their heads in their brooder.
    And after I get DH and oldest DS set up with that, I am mucking out this house. I can't handle it anymore.
    Monday, the 3 of them will wander over to the park and watch the idiots play with all their fireworks. Then come home and do our small package while I hide in the house.
    I hate fireworks, the noise makes me bonkers. So, this is my most dreaded weekend of the year. Our neighborhood LOVES them and will be setting them off all weekend and for the next 2 weeks using up their extras.
    And that is it for me.
    We will see if I get that done. HAHA
    Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Friday and a Happy and Safe weekend.
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    Sounds like a busy weekend A&W! I don't mind fireworks if we are going to a show, but my neighborhood is also full of people who just love blowing stuff up. It's annoying and it will go on all weekend.

    Welp today is THE day. We are officially enrolled in our umbrella school for kindergarten. I mentioned it to DS, and he got so excited. He's been eyeballing the Brainquest workbook for months. I think I can put him off until the end of the month. Oh whoa is me. So hard having a kid that wants to "do school." Hahaha. What about my summer break?

    Splash pad this morning, OT this afternoon (ya know, if I remember, geez).
    I'm a work-at-home mom to three, homeschool enthusiast, and avid planner fueled by lattes and Florida sunshine. My oldest is 6 and is a fircond grader (that's somewhere between first and second, naturally), my preschooler just told me she wants to learn how to read, and my toddler is a force of nature.

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    I hope you remember this time TFZ!

    We got a fun packet of OT activity suggestions from ours - I may post them if I quit being lazy.

    Or maybe post them in lieu of tidying the downstairs, the *useful* thing I probably should be spending my time doing.

    Oh, and private fireworks are illegal here - we just have the city sponsored ones and thats it. I guess its an advantage to living in an extreme fire hazard environment.

    DS is flying through his math workbook - I love these times when he is able to focus and he gets the math like he has always known how to do it. If he works on it for about 45 mins, we call it a day for schoolwork.
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    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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    Wrapping up a great week here. Our oldest DD13 has a graduation ceremony later today from a pre-med camp. She had an amazing experience. Youngest DD10 and I spent tons of special time bonding and worked on her math book, Pet Store. Good times!

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    It's 4th of July weekend.... Our plans include tons of fun activities.....

    Today: go to town and pick up 4h Tshirts. Then go down below 1 hour or so away to do human and animal grocery shopping. Then come home and put it all away.

    Tomorrow: Afternoon, go to town 10 miles away and help with a 4h fundraiser. (we are selling hot dogs and lemonade at the feed store, raffling off 50# bags of feed and also having a dog wash) This should be fun.

    Sunday: relax at home and just do everyday stuff: kids work with 4h pigs, go over 4h record books to make sure everything is correct. Get some housework done. And work on our Latin studies.

    Monday: 4th of July!!!!!! kids are in the parade so have to be to town by 10 am. Hubby and I are going to watch parade. lol. After the parade, Kids are doing a 4h club fundraiser selling
    sno-cones during the world famous Council Porcupine race. Hubby and I will be working at the booth some and watching the races. Then we will go watch the logger sawing competition. Then we head home. At dusk, go back to town to watch fireworks at the high school football field.

    This is always a busy weekend in our area and we look forward to it every year.

    Now to explain about Council Idaho's World Famous Porcupine Race.

    It is held every 4th of July.
    Their are teams of 2 handlers (the humans)
    1 real life porcupine.
    2 brooms and 1 plastic garbage can.

    The rules:
    handlers have to go and catch a porcupine humanely before 4th of july.
    They have to feed and water said porcupine.
    The porcupine is escorted through the parade (in a good sized wire cage)
    Then it's race time.
    The porcupine has to go from 1 side of the race area to the other finish line.
    Handlers are not allowed to hit, kick, or touch the porcupine but can use brooms and bounce the garbage can on the ground to shoo said porcupine.

    Top 5 teams are auctioned off in a Calcutta. (audience bids on who will win, and if their team wins they get half the money and other half goes to fireworks next year)

    After race, teams have to take their porcupine back to where they caught it and release it.

    There are prizes for top 3 teams.

    There are also youtube videos that can be watched to get the idea.

    We had a great surprise yesterday, came home from post office to see a duck with 11 babies swimming in the pond. We had not seen this duck in 2 months and had thought we had lost her to coyotes. So it was a wonderful surprise.
    living the life in small town Idaho and loving every minute of it. Our blog .

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    I went to the grocery store super early this AM, to pick up stuff for a BBQ on the 4th. My kids have been off running around the neighborhood with friends this AM. This afternoon, we'll pick up the house and then plop down and watch a movie. We have The Good Dinosaur from the library.

    This weekend, we have a swim meet, a birthday party and to take back our yard/garden from the vines and weeds.

    As for Monday - Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. It is fun and easy. I don't have to buy any gifts, make any costumes, host an elaborate meal. I just have to BBQ, swim and light things on fire - I can do that! We have our own tame fireworks for our house (stuff that goes 12 feet high), and several of our neighbors set off the type of fireworks that you see in shows. The big stuff is illegal - I live in a part of town that has a fair amount of *ahem* renegades.

    Monday is also our first day of school. So I have all the new school stuff packed into fancy buckets - new supplies, homeschool spirit shirts, candy for breakfast, and stuff for the silly string / water balloon fight. I did a bucket for myself this year - full of fancy hand lotion and lip balms to keep on my homeschool shelf.

    Hope everyone has a nice weekend and happy 4th!
    DS 15, DD 13
    Year 9

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    Porcupine races? Heck, I want the same rules for a skunk race!
    That would really add an element of danger!

    I hope the porcupines dont get hot feet!
    Homeschooling DS13, DS6.


    My spelling was fine, then my brain left me.

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    Downloaded the BraveWriter arrow and then made copy work pages and writing pages for the first week. Then I went to rehab and things are not better so I'm at the doctors' office to talk to them.Traffic is already backed up to get home so dh and I planned a date night.

    The youngest turns 8 this weekend so planning a family party for him. Other than that no plans. I will keep working on the old pit/ new homeschool room. I got 3 craft projects done this week, so yay me. ( I still have 4 to go)

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    This is really shaping up to be a good weekend! Birthday parties, kids in the parade, porcupine races, graduations, cute movies, and AM is tracking a skunk. I love it!

    We did remember to go to OT. Score. She was really nice. Said DS was excited and willing to do all of the things she asked and that he'd be fun to work with. He had a great time scooting across the floor, swinging, and cutting. The OT and I had a nice talk about working with him at home with some gross motor suggestions. He's looking forward to next week when he can climb the rope ladder.

    Swim lessons tomorrow, grandparents house on Sun, parade and BBQ at a friend's house on Mon. Looking forward to the cookout. I don't have any friends that like to entertain so we are rarely invited to anything but kid bday parties. This will be fun.

    Eta Home fireworks were illegal where I grew up. Still weird to me that people want to blow things up so close to their homes.
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    I'm a work-at-home mom to three, homeschool enthusiast, and avid planner fueled by lattes and Florida sunshine. My oldest is 6 and is a fircond grader (that's somewhere between first and second, naturally), my preschooler just told me she wants to learn how to read, and my toddler is a force of nature.

    I gather all kinds of secular homeschool resources and share them at

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    I like your new signature, TFZ

    Out of town visitors just left, so now just lots of mess to pick up. But it was a nice visit.

    Might head to the carnival down by the river with the kids tomorrow. Even check in on the chainsaw carving competition! Gotta love life in a small rural town. I think they might even have mutton busting for the kids again at the Rodeo this year. Bring on those skunk races, AM!!
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